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And, uh, they left the found out. He really didn't at all change. So I left the dealership This everybody got about two blocks from it and also knew that everything just on my serve flashing and coffin and spurt and everything. So they got it back to the dealership and said, Hey, this is what's happening. We got what we don't know. Wait a minute. I've got a different image of flashing and coffin and spurting. Then I think you're trying to tell me Well, this is what she tells me. The dashboard starts doing straight. Okay. Okay, the dashboard because when you said they were flashing and coffin spurting, I was going Yeah, well, anyway, that's how they got it back there and I saw it won't just mess. I called some guy out of the back. And she said this old guy comes out as an old guy. Well, we're not in the Roger Roger. Cliff Notes version. Okay, what it is, is it come find out. She needs a new battery. As in car battery or the hybrid battery. That hybrid battery. Okay for the Prius had 198,000 miles on it. Okay, so it's about she's out about 3500 bucks or so 2800 completely installed. Well, there you go. And Z funny is that company I work for is that we had Priuses and when they got X amount of miles on it, they just got rid of it because they have to buy a new battery. Hold on Roger because, you know some. There was a story on that just this week that the average Prius the which which that is not a lithium ion battery in that generation, it was nickel hydrate and average one last right at 200,000 Miles. Wow. So if you were getting rid of him because of the battery prematurely, now the average Toyota said their do their due to last right at 100,000 miles and eight years. And yet in real world driving of these cars, and by your admission, she's in the cold of Maryland, right. She's in the heat of the Arizona desert, and hers lasted a couple 100,000 miles, and there was 798,000 Miles. I said almost a couple 100,000. Yeah, and the fact is, it was 2800 all in Yeah, it sounds to me like that's a deal. Yeah, I didn't say I was just she calls told me about that because I had researched. They're looking up for the company I work for, and they just Well, the car so old, he's got something miles on that we just automatically get rid of them. The reason companies get rid of cars and all that stuff. Is there fully depreciate it. There you go. Have a good weekend. Roger. Okay, Thanks a lot. Bye bye. Mm hmm. You know, we train horses in Texas, too. Small 0.8887871. Almost involved into the old number. 8887875543 will be back in a moment on 5 70 K laugh. I'm Charlie.

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