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If they keep it and it's like very obviously an uncomfortable moment and like the show is addressing that what she said was uncomfortable. I think it's okay to keep it in because she's obviously wrong. It's not addressed. It's like it's like they do kind of just like you know it's it's so it's so wrong for anyone to say you know i mean it's bad enough like and he give it like and it's not just black girls like the team was bay akasha jade. Who's not black. And tammy she's not with the black girls she's raid. You know she's with the latina girl and two black girls and you know and just i was like you can't even if it's just an observation. Air quotes everybody. I'm doing air quotes because it's not. I am not excusing it. It's not even accurate. So she doing. It was not here for that comment. Okay so then. Akasha delegates literally like a drunk person or like me. When i'm tipsy by. I want to do anything so like don't you. You know here's the thing so when i'm tipsy and they're like i'm always like let's do whatever simplest so like literally she's just like i can't do. This can't do this. I can't do this. I can't do this so y'all do that. And then she says that she's doing like the makeup and she said i'm just gonna focus on the is which is opinions but yeah there's a whole face that you're supposed to be an attention to in plotting out make for and she just does. The is okay girl. But here's the thing it's like. It feels like the story of akasha and this is definitely the edit that they gave her that. She's feeding into unbeknownst to her. It's like she just wants to. She just wants to get on stage and perform but that's the type of drag queen that she is. It doesn't matter what she's wearing it doesn't matter you know whatever it's just a caution on stage is about say like that's her brand and all the little it's in everything 'in-betweens. That's not for her but it was. It was just not a team player. It was it was off the delivery. And here's the thing. Playing nice with others is definitely a skill that all the drag queens have learned seasons because they know it's like it reads on camera if you're nicer one another and obviously like you want your you want your team to win so that no one gets voted off right but i just like it's it's like it's like hedging your bets like. Don't you want to be missed when you're gone. Don't you want them to be like. Oh girl i'm so sad. But i love you. Don't you want that yet. But you know. I guess it's because it was the first season and i think that this is part of why why tammy is so rude. And why. A cautious so laissez faire is because they don't know what's gonna be left on the cutting room floor and this is the first time that this. Tv show has ever happened. So it's not. We haven't talked about this but we both watched the meat queens. And denali says i want to be on the olympics of drag right. This is not yet the olympics. Drag this drag on tv allergy. So there i kind of regionals. I think at this point being part of a drag pageant is above being on rupaul's drag race and so they're not getting the same level of respect from the queen's on the show at least not from those two right i think baby is taking very seriously and is very strategic about how she uses her her like. She's very polite but direct. 'cause there's a moment where they're talking and then like tammy's talking about twisting fabric and Didn't she wasn't enrolling them into the situation and babies. So i like what year abby other she can the team making thing very strange. I don't know why they put rebecca in charge of the costumes. Because rebecca's outfit last week was not that great. Why is she the seem. Stir seamstress you of the costumes like i. Don't i don't get it like the costumes. Ended up fine but i feel like that was just rebecca working on the costume right right right and i feel like there were like missing pieces of like everybody probably kind of joined in helped. It wasn't just one person one person's doing or one person's burden. I doubt it will. Yeah i mean. Chanel was definitely micromanaging. Everything also i think it's so funny how she knows like So i put together a mood. Board and blah blah blah blah blah blah and. It's like chanel. put chanels face onto the mood board. So was your face. it wasn't creating anything else. It was like she was like do. Everyone's can do do the makeup like me. And that's it but also i mean she also to her credit Chanel was a mic like m. Ua in the biggest on top of being a drag queen okay. Yeah i think. I don't know if she was like a chanel anyway and that's part of white house. She got her name. Or whatever make gut but She definitely was a paid makeup artist at something that she was skilled in. So it's like a strong suit. Yeah.

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