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So that's going to be pretty intense. David we probably gonna record before we do that. And on the next episode. I'll have the story of the flight to Japan with Pune. Yes. Ziana with Gialle very very interesting. And I wanted to keep it for another episode. It was a long the sorry. I talked to annex fascinating. I can't I'm very envious some of these trips that we have a we have a nation coming up. Yes. In fact, it should be well by the time and listen to this. It will be life. Nice. Something to listen in my flight tomorrow fan. Yes. You will. What's the say? What is the letter? What is s your supplies to all cooking materials that you need? And actually like every upset we spent half an hour. Talking about the best thing we ate. But yeah, it's will will encyclopedic knowledge of of the kitchen was particularly potent in this episode. Did you skip letter q? What did we do for q? I don't even remember. Never mind doesn't be because it was expecting Keno ab- not with us was like what I like my brother into. We we did quiche for. Oh, I didn't listen to his yet. Yeah. There you go guys. Besides this. You can listen to and will or Cialis on these at the you Reese, quite a few of the end of last year. So this to see, and we hope we're gonna record it the next two weeks for eighty six where to we'll see we'll see and until then safe travels Andhra guys..

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