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Date or john would lead when you say a lot of drugs humane prescription pills or cocaine or what cocaine. That was his choice of drought A drug of choice. I should say you know. One time i was at his house as mentioned just ordered pizza and i was in trophy room and he came downstairs and He was sniffing hausners was white stuff around his nose. He was trying to rob it off and he says the cart. You need to leave said okay. The only reason. I left because he had a gun in his hand. Oh i was like holy shit like what's going on. He said you you need to leave. So i laughed and he took a wrestler down in his basement. He there was a a a tunnel. A hidden. tunnel down there from the civil war when the dupont's Were you know producing gunpowder. And there was a an escape tunnel from the mansion to another house. Guest house is about six hundred yards. Long john found the cave the tunnel so he wanted this wrestler to go into tunnel is only four feet high so the wrestler had the been over forward and he had to walk six hundred yards through the tunnel and john got in behind him with the gun. Loaded pointed at six hundred yards in. This kid was praying to god. The gun wouldn't go off so john. There were a lot of incidences of john. You know doing wacky stuff but you know. We ever turned into a murder until dave was killed. Did you have when he said kurt. You need to leave. Did he mean like getting your car and leave the property. Go home or did you have. You know I don't know a bunker somewhere on the property. Oh we had houses. There are about thirty houses on the farm and we were placed different houses so when he met leave he meant. Go back to your house. I got you i was just. They're just there for dinner. Having pizza with john and another wrestler his name was rob. And that's when the incident occurred. So let me ask when when you When everyone on the wrestling club you know. Not john dupont. The actual wrestlers the team when they're trying to reconcile his sort of radic and the way he's mimicking and almost obsessing about dave and back then of course we didn't know what we know about mental illness and this may be controversial. But it's just honest did did how many i mean by and large got had assume he has a crush on him. He likes him right. Well i guess. I mean he definitely was infatuated by mark was his first infatuation and i think i think john had a sights on the schultz brothers probably years before he contacted them. But you know. John was just An odd dude and You know what you know. He was infatuated with david. Mark and the infatuation just continued. It's it's pretty crazy to think about how all this got turned around Let's talk about dave. It's been written that. Dave could apparently push you more than anyone just about anyone else and i'm sure a lot of that is just because he respected his accomplishments. But you wrote that. The guy only weighed one hundred and seventy pounds but he was able to just manhandled people multiple weight classes higher than him and apparently he had a main street. Two guys would try to shoot in for take downs and he would choke guys in a front headlock and then pin them before. The referee even noticed they were out. What can you tell us about. Dirty dave if he were a pro wrestler yes he would have been the biggest he'll in the business He was able to apply pressure points. He learned a lot of that stuff too from other wrestlers throughout the world and You know he would get someone in front headlock. and he would Put put his hands both sides on the you know the part that cuts off your circulation. Yeah and he would put them in a holding. Lock it in really tight. He was super strong. Like when i tell you his is his grip in his gut wrench strength. Were incredible put front headlock on you. You're you're you're squealing. You're getting choked out and you're you're struggling and it wouldn't take long to pass out and dave you know. Did that meal olympics. He and now that the referee started looking for it. Because you know a lot of the rest is from the other. Parts of the world were complaining. The officials about dave. You know doing that day was just a bad ass. He knew how to apply pressure points and made people pass out You know him and his brother were brutal on the mat they were just very violent. physical You know. Dave took your arm you know. He was going to try to break it. I mean he was just. He was just amazing. A his strength was incredible for size and both the shorts brothers were incredible wrestlers. And they were very physical. Credit karma has always been there to help you make better financial decisions and now they want help. 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He was exactly like danny hotch you know. I'm sure that dave p tried to crushing apple. Be able to do it. His grip strength was incredible and his whole body. Crazy thing is he never lifted weights. Unbelievable and you know. He never gained or lost weight. He was always he was always wiry. And then you know a lot too not a lot of mass to his and he was really. Harry looked like he was wearing a coat off his body. Hair was just so harry and You know but it made him look like a lovable bear. That's out dave. Look you know you have the beard. And know.

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