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To blame for this incredibly long wait and he said to her no is because of your political party you can thank jerry brown in the loonies in sacramento and she said she felt like the man was using information from her paperwork against her she said that was the worst part of the whole bad experience she said i was absolutely livid i thought that was so inappropriate that is my personal information that he's processing and you know what she was perfectly within her rights it was perfectly legitimate for her to ask him what is what's the reason for this incredibly long way that all of us have had to suffer she said there were other moments when what she witnessed as far as the inefficiency was concerned bordered on cruelty there was a man who had already been assigned a number so we'd already been waiting for hours because he already had a number she said he left the building to smoke a cigarette and when he came back he was told that he would have to give up his number and go back to the end of the line first of all that's a deeply flawed policy it's just dumb and it is cruel but secondly if they have such a deeply flawed policy somebody should have told him when he walked out the door once you walk out you can't come back in and resume your place somebody should least advised him of that but the policy was dumb in the first place one of the commonly blamed sources for these weights is the real ide act which requires californians to replace their driver's licenses by the year twenty twenty if they want to use them for air travel and that requires more paperwork for the dmv office workers now the average wait time without an appointment across all twentyseven bay area dmv offices increased nearly an hour for the first half of june compared with the same time last year so last year you had to wait for about forty seven minutes without an appointment this year you have to wait for an hour and forty three minutes but wait wait wait wait that's not exactly accurate because the wait time only starts to be measured after you get in the door and you take a ticket so if you're in that line that you have to wait in for four hours before you walk through the door they don't consider that part of your wait time that's according to the dmv spokesperson who spoke to the san francisco chronicle now you have an appointment okay you think you're going to have an appointment you're gonna go in you're going to go out that's not what's happening you have an appointment you're still having to wait hours there is literally no excuse for abusing california drivers in this way and it's not just drivers because this actually affects anybody who wants the real id card it sounds as if a part of this is under staffing and that is inexcusable you know that this is going to take more time you've got the statistics that tell you and first of all it's already too long when you're making people wait forty seven minutes if that's the case you're already understaffed and how dare you do that to us but now it's an hour and forty three minutes and that's after you.

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