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Hong Kong police used tear gas pepper spray, and high pressure water hoses against hundreds of protestors blocking entry to Hong Kong's government headquarters today, the protesters opposing a proposed extradition Bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent for trial to mainland China, a prosecutor in the case of a missing Connecticut, mother of five says the woman's blood was found mixed with her estranged, husband's Danna at her home. The disclosure came as his dulas and his girlfriend Michelle Toconas pleaded not guilty to evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in connection with Jennifer dulas is may twenty four disappearance. Police have accused the pair of disposing of items containing MRs dulas blood that will state and local law enforcement agencies around the US have made some seventeen hundred arrests in an investigation nicknamed broken heart that targeted suspected child predators. The crackdown Zarate on suspects who produced her possessed child pornography, who tried to entice kids online for sex travel to other states or countries. To abuse case or engaged in sex trafficking. And as part of its one hundred anniversary celebration, the international astronaut Michael Union's giving every country on earth. The chance to name an exit planet, and the star it orbits. Look for America's I utilize a national campaign to solicit name ideas from the public, I'm thinking, K Kushinka. Sounds very good. I'm always thinking of kitten named. So I'm going to have to come up with something for a planet. You're to you're looking at me with a mittens, I'd say, mittens. All right. Coming up. Thanks, rasa. How AI.

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