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What was not in it that he wanted in there actually some issues that are not directly related to the budget although he said that they would because they would gotta increase the economy or grow the economy around the state those are a property tax freeze uh around the state changes to workers compensation which he says would help businesses and business owners and then also term limits which gets to why this has been going on for two years uh the term is gets to the political fight that's been going on between the governor who's a republican and the very long time house us is serving house speaker michael madigan is a democrat is amazing the last real official state budget the your state had expired july i 2015 last month governor rauner comes in he calls lawmakers back for a special special session to figure out how to fix it um some republicans have broken rank with the governor how frustrated civilians people in illinois the want lawmakers to finally figure this out if the can well they're so frustrated that they successfully put pressure on rip the representatives to break from their party's leader to vote for this sixteen republicans in all between the senate in the house voted for this budget even though the governor opposes it uh in the in that's telling a lot of those republicans come from downstate illinois more rural parts of the state where there's universities and universities have not received money since january first this year they've also been the subject of of not having really steady funding from the state come through for two years while this impasse has been going on in those universities the the local economies around them have been begging the state for any kind of money and that's what this budget would do which is why the republicans ended up voting yes if the veto override holds up who wins politically.

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