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The time maybe we need to have our own version of with a new name they've gang them style oh cy cy yeah well we do any on duck dynasty so i think i think we already we've gotten them on that one my wife if there's anybody out there that the you know does tv with his black lightning that's out she's actually come up with new rulings great she said we'll have a new white superhero i said who's going to be she goes white like white there you go i like it and then i'll be his superpower said he hits people with moonshot i am against italy get drunk and they play george john's white lightning barlow el it's a great oh yes you are be good parody what would it be racist wouldn't ovarian white lightning white like you he added craig that's a larry i like that white lightning widelegged there shooting moving ch issue van moonshine at the end of electricity it's moonshine earning i like the the crooks r drunk men and you can have your way with like this number guy yeah maybe he got hit by white lightning live that's going to be his defence for nationals mayor ou o oh oh o connecticut's governor what's this guy's name or former mayor i should say near former governor danill the a in any of daniel net daniel daniel lots release collegue dental moon you know national malloy he accused the national rifle association of being a quote terrorist organization he compared the nra that such groups multiple times sitting it has evolved into a different organization from what it used to be more than a decade ago he said they quite frankly they act quite frankly in some cases as a terrorist organization you wanna make safer guns we will boycott your company that's who they are that's what they do the nra today is a far cry from the ira that in 1999 said the teachers shouldn't carry weapons and schools or in the 1990s said that we should have a universal background checks they have in essence become a terrorist organization in an ira spokeswoman slamming malloy for resorting to political stunts childish name calling instead of having a serious discussion on gunfire i'd a crap out.

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