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First, then skipping Shannon, battle it out right here on disputed, catch it all Monday through Friday on f s one. So the eagles lost it onto the Vikings on Sunday, and they also lost Jae Jao for the season with a torn CO the loss dropped Philly to two and three the same record as the Cowboys. Gins got blown out last night in New Orleans, but they're still in first place at two into all right. Shannon are the eagles still the team to beat in the NFC east because I believe they put this the best quarterback in this division ran the best thing about it is that although they haven't hit their stride in, they're not as good as they were last year. I don't think the division is weaker so they don't have to be good as early as they were last year. The j. injury really hurts giving. I think that has a lot. To do with why Carson have taken so many hits the running the ball about five times per game, twenty yards less per game. Guess what happens when you turn around the handball running back quarterback, doesn't have the chance to get hit. Whose fault is that. Oh, what about Dougie? He's still coach, z. Fearless. I don't know. He's fearless is worried about still Sean. We're here and I just believe he's getting hit far too much. But another reason is that they're turning the ball over and they're not taking the ball away as they laugh. That goes, that goes a lot, but you can't get your quarterback hit at an average of four times the game that strip six Carson Wentz gave up on Sunday. You went the other way for six points. What was that. There. They are still the cream of the crop in division in when it's all said and done. When the smoke is clear, the end of the day, whatever cliche you want to use, the eagles will reign supreme again. Yes, there are two and three Dallas, two and three Washington's two and two white. The Dallas Cowboys were half game out of first which went on second guessing the coat. Which wait a minute who's running back just through the plight collar under the bus as in Doug Peterson and j Gye, he calls out his coach Ripston and then it comes up. He's got a tornado sale. So he's gone, right? Which which receivers fairly quarterback ain't getting the job done. All I know is last year, Philly. Twelve times scored more than twenty four points in a game this year. None over twenty four points their twenty fifth and points scored. I don't know. Maybe they need a quarterback change because they got a quarterback quandary will Cooper Russia's chomping at the bit. Well, I, I don't know this division hasn't even started yet, but Philly does not look like Philly. No, they're not getting but get you will they're playing in this division division in the strongest. We thought it was going to. He's got a tough game on Thursday night at giants. Y'all got a tough game too. Yeah, we got there all tough, but I think it's just getting going and I think I got us good a shot as anybody vision do on the eagles have figured out it. Ain't that easy to repeat note that last year was just Harmon, convergence. Everything that could go right, went right. Everybody stayed healthy except for the quarterback. And that was a break because the other quarterback played better news. That was not a weather break. Me ended up getting hurt, but I believe Carson Wentz and most people believe with the exception of you believe Carson Wentz would've done what Nick foles did do. Well, I picked Dallas to win this division. I'm hanging in with that because one of these days it's going to jail, and it's going to detonate on offense because what they're done. Defense gets better by the snap off work. It's bad. Now David Irving is coming back on. You said that last week, but right here right now, my Cowboys have the best defense in this division are you can't argue in the worst offense they do at this moment pieces..

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