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And we're at the park joined us always by Koi provos, and Dan gladden and guys tonight game two twins kind of frittered one away last night with the late tiger comeback. But for me tonight is a lot about Jayco to Rizzi, and Danny I talk with Jake in length yesterday, and he had this sense of relief mixed with frustration frustrated that it took him this long to finally kind of figuring out find his rhythm fix what he needed to fix over the course of the year. But then optimism because he does feel like he's finally showing twins fans the pitcher that he really is. He's showing the kind of picture that we thought he was when the twin straight for him at spring training. But you know, he's won his last two. To ball ballgames. He's pitched well here at home. Picked up his first second road win last week against the same Detroit clubs. So I'm looking at him to kind of you know, continue to what he's doing last start of the season here. Go out on a good note. I still go back to that started. He had against the New York Yankees where he went seven and a third innings. No hit ball. I thought he was outstanding. You know, he started making changes guys in it happened here, August twenty four the NCAA's when he began working exclusively from the stretch, this'll be a sixth straight start in which he's going to do that again tonight or go back to last year. His best month is healthiest month with the raise September as he wraps up two thousand eighteen now it's win. The numbers are promising three stars before. Tonight is best monthly ERA right now. Three nine three also had a session with Jack Morris before the Yankees game that he was gonna pitch and it was neat to see a player in order Rizzi status right there. Come to a veteran. Jack Morrison ask him and they sat down and talk for twenty minutes. Jack, kind of gave him some few things. That's so much mechanically. But the mental part of it as to how to pitch certain guys, and what his mindset should be on the mound out there. And I think he has benefited from that. And now speaking of Jack Morris he and I were talking today, and he pointed out not only shield approval. I we lock your interest rate for up to ninety days. Then if rates go up your rate stays locked, but.

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