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My scorecards are always perfect and everybody always agrees with me, so. Oh, me too. I wouldn't know the feeling. I wouldn't know the feeling on that. I never hear from his own watchers about the scorecards. All right, I want to jump into what's become a messy situation with a 140 pound title, at least the WBC's version of it. Just a couple of months ago, really one month ago now. We had Regis pro great win the WBC's version of the title becoming a two time 140 pound champion terrific performance in that fight against Jose pedraza. Excellent performance. And Jose. And he kind of looks, Jose is a penis, or I just saw pedraza. So looking at his future now, he was hoping to get a fight his next fight against José Ramírez. The WBC rules that the purse split is going to be 60 or 70, 30 originally in favor of Regis program. That was altered to be 65 35. Ramirez not happy with that. Has withdrawn from negotiations for that fight. The WBC has ruled that pro grade can take a voluntary defense, though I don't know who program would fight at this point. Nor do I think he wants a volunteer defense at this point. What do you make of Ramirez's decision to back out of this fight? It's disappointing. It's almost like they went into this conversation thinking 65 35, huh? Like they had no idea what was going on, which is just not true because the general consensus in the WBC mandatory fights is a 60. It is typically a 70 30 split. There are many occasions where they will amend the purse split and make it 65, 35. Occasionally they might boost it to 60 40 depending, but that's not the most common thing. And so people should, first of all, a couple of things about that, Chris. Number one, the purse split is just in the event that it goes to a person. There's nothing that says it has to be a certain percentage if the two sides during the course of their allowable time frame to do a private negotiation come up with whatever formula they come up with. So that was only in the event if the teams couldn't make the deal. So they had every opportunity to make a deal. As you mentioned, program I'm sure would be have been happy to negotiate with them and I feel like top rank, which is the promoter for José Ramírez would have been willing to negotiate a deal as well. So I kind of find that to be a cop out. They didn't go to a person. That doesn't feel like there was ever a true negotiation. Number one, number two, back before Regis progra got the opportunity to fight as a paid for the vacant title. The fight that had been ordered when Josh Taylor vacated was to fill that vacancy between José Ramírez and Jose zapata, which was which would have been a rematch of an extremely difficult fight that José Ramírez had when he was

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