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I'll be happy to help. Answer this whenever you give us your opinion there. Sure okay. i think that's great. So unfortunately i think there's still a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of exercise ltd. My patients and i think the reason for that is because Up until two thousand eleven. We really didn't have research. That really showed us. That exercise is indeed safe for breast cancer related patients but the american lymph dima framework project did a systematic review in two thousand and eleven where they looked at twenty one different citations and in that review they found that exercise does not put someone at a higher risk of developing lumps for dima or making it worse so that really has changed a lot of our thoughts and we've seen a huge paradigm shift Including with the national emphysema demon network who revised their position statement in two thousand and thirteen so relatively speaking. This topic of exercise is kind of new. It's a new way of thinking in the last ten years. So now we know that exercise is indeed something that should be a part of dima management and i really love. I love to tell people you know. Go back to doing what you did before your health crisis just take it slow and steady and get your physicians. Okay and i also think it's a really good idea to continue on with remedial exercises even when you do get back to your new normal. What do you think about that buddy. So i agree. One hundred percent the only thing that i would clarify. Maybe is that e need wearing compression. Your exercise which some people are like you know. Should i wear ryon mar garment. Should i not my arm. It you know even with swimming. Should i wear my garment. If i like to pool exercises or if i have open water that i couldn't get into wherever they live in all talk first about the swimming. Most people do where they're impressment in water but you don't have to. It does give you that extra layer but it also makes it a little bit more difficult to get off any kind of run. The risk of some chafing or a little bit of your attention because of the fabric but back in one of my interviews with cam allah. He gave us a little science lesson about buoyancy and handled pretty much for every foot of water. You're in that's twin millimeters of mercury. So if you are submerged into a pool of water flow And you're like six foot into the pool. You're getting like sixteen years of mercury pressure externally on your body from them buoyancy in the water and it's the end because it's deeper the wadham in more shallow towards the top. So that pressure is gradient. Much like your compression garment. It's probably a little bit harder to go and stick your arm down in the six foot in the pool and get concussion off without being you know upside down on your head. So he recommended for anyone. With upper extremity mma go to academy or out of similar sporting store. And get a little swimming novel not another word for it but will mouthpiece that you can breathe with some gobbles or something and you can kind of like go a little bit deeper in the water and you can get that pressure on your arm but when it comes to just general idea of exercises. Aerobic exercise biking weightlifting. Any of that stuff. Yoga do it. I just always say. Do it where you're compression into it and follow more likely the guidance of your lymph dima therapist out physician sometimes are hesitant. Either still somebody physicians out there who say like after breast cancer surgery and recovery not exercise. Don't lift over your head. Don't carry anything over ten pounds outdated practice. it's it's not supposed to be that way anymore. We have evidence in those studies that show that you go back to living a healthy and active lifestyle and really your lymphatic system. Will thrive in benefit frontman activity in x. Is so i completely agree with the position statement in those studies that were concluded by the. I'll left that summarizes that it's safe That to all of my patients said anyone who ever asks me about exercise. Go in slowly where you compression garment and just take your time to eat back into it but you can't get back to. I mean even intense exercise there are models. Or how models the powell. Yeah that you know they they show you how to get into that exercise and how to increase as you go so i mean. I think i've enough on that i agree. We should interest and encouraging that for patients. Who have one. For dima. I have a really awesome quote from catherine schultz. Who is one of the reasons that we have that fantastic evidence on through the trial about weightlifting. I love it. It's a great analogy. She says i believe cardiac. Rehab is a great analogy. Let's say you have damage to the heart muscle because of a heart attack. Will that those damaged cells are never coming back with the more you strengthen the rest of the heart through exercise the smaller to chance of a problem down the line. I loved that. So true in the lymphatic system works off of them muscle pump. It doesn't work off of your heart. Pump like blood circulatory system does so the more you're active in moving the more you're losing fluid out. I mean it. It's a hand in hand situation. Exercise is good for lymphoma patients. All right let's see. I think that's our summary. There the exercises good. There's our summary is supported by brian feet foundation jusoh many usa and the national olympic human network learn more about our sponsors by visiting the website. Limpid podcasts dot com and listen to their episodes while they're candidate helped manage symptoms.

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