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Faucet costing lives is it time for governments around the world to clamp down, on it that's business daily in a couple of minutes BBC news with David Austin the president of Zimbabwe MSN mnangagwa's calling for an independent investigation into the post. Election violence in Harari on Wednesday when soldiers shot dead three protesters president Gagua had those responsible should be. Brought to Justice and the countries should unite in peace he said talks had been held with. His rival Nelson Chamisa on ways to defuse the situation President Trump. Has thanked the North Korean leader Kim Jon for allowing the remains of American soldiers killed in the Korean war. To be returned to the United States South Korea is sending a warship to Libya. After South Korean engineer was kidnapped along, with three Philippine nationals the men had been working on a water project? In western Libya and were doctored last month The Congolese ex. Militia leader and former vice, president Jean-Pierre Bemba is expected to file. His candidacy for December's presidential elections Mr. Bemba, was acquitted in June of war crimes charges at the international criminal court, the health ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo says a team of twelve experts would arrive in Beni today, to help deal with the latest Ebola outbreak in the northeast of the country the health minister said four people have so far. Tested positive, Japanese media reports prominent Japanese medical school altered results have female applicants to restrict the. Number of women students unnamed sources said the, manipulation began in twenty eleven of two female admissions increase to about forty percent the report suggested many female doctors would. Not be able to fulfil long hospital shifts if they later had children police forces from India to Mexico. Warned people not to attempt to viral dance craze which in some cases has seen people jumping Out, of moving cars and dancing alongside them. Sometimes ending injury the key key challenge has, swept social media in recent weeks BBC news.

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