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Twenty twenty one judo grand slam sponsored by the international judo federation the i j f in which four hundred and thirty judokas one hundred and seventy eight women and two hundred and fifty. Two men representing sixty three countries spread over. Five continents will compete in fourteen weight categories. That's seven each for the women and for the men in hopes of attaining metals. Honor and national. Pride the competitor's come from everywhere from angola to them and everywhere in between and i know what you're thinking you're thinking but angola and zambia share a border. There is literally nowhere in between the two of them but in a broader sense. If in a less accurate one. And gonna begins. With an a and zambia with z and it is beautiful that countries beginning with letters so far apart in the alphabet can meet peaceably here in tel aviv in stark contrast by the way to their invariably tense meetings along their own one thousand kilometer border as listeners who need the journal of borderlands studies will already know all too well from the distressing recent essay. They will have read. They're entitled the consolidation of the angola. Zambia border colon. Violence forced displacement smugglers and savimbi. But i digress of the four hundred and thirty judokas taking part. In the event it is fair to say that one stands out above all the others and he is saieed me a the twenty nine year old former iranian champion who went ordered by government last year to concede his semifinal match at the tokyo world championships rather than compete against the israeli world. Champion sergey. Mookie refused and defected to germany eventually taking mongolian citizenship just over a year ago in the eighteen months since he defected. Sullied malawi has become fast friends with saggy. Mookie who said in a radio interview this week quote. This is a great message to the world. This judo is something that can bring even iran closer to israel. It simply shows how sports can bring people together and break boundaries end quote and there is every possibility likely could really that malawi and mookie will face one another on the mat during the grand slam. Finally having the match they could not have back in japan now because no regular flights landing these days at what remains a mostly closed. Ben gurion airport the eye af chartered planes to fly that you don't get into israel from four spots around the world athletes who have not yet had two shots of a vaccine plus a week which is most of them had to show too negative test results one from seventy two hours before their flight. Another from forty eight hours before when they landed at ben gurion airport. They were tested yet again. And then whisked away to the hilton intel. Vive the whole of which was booked by the i'd af to build the judokas with guards stationed in front of the revolving doors to keep athletes from sneaking out into the city. 'cause we'll be judokas and to keep curious tel-aviv types from sneaking in to get a peek at the competitors despite these pretty serious precautions those who criticized the decision to let the grand slam go forward at all in these pandemic minister of housing mayor. Porush and member of knesset eastern isler both of the ultra orthodox judaism party put out a statement that said among other things quote it is unthinkable that a citizen of israel is forced to go through a great and exhausting mess of bureaucracy to get into the country at the same time that foreign athletes enter easily in their multitudes as though there were no corona pandemic in the world the clerks of the state of israel apply a double standard against people who have the appearance of being deem on the one hand the state embraces the athletes of secular culture and on the other hand it rejects and piles difficulty upon difficulty for heidi citizens. Who asked to come here for basic humanitarian reasons like attending the funeral of a loved. One end quote indeed. The promise podcasts. Own preliminary research has shown that of the four hundred and thirty not even one of them is ultra orthodox. Not even one a fact that his inexplicable except in light of systemic discrimination on the part of the ministry of secular culture and secular sports and of course the idea f who organizes charter debts. But do they have no no. I say q. E. d still arguably. Nothing captures the ironic spirit of this city. We love so well tel aviv. Better than four hundred and thirty judokas gathering from the four corners of the earth from angola to mbia to show the world that pandemic something like the prophecy of isaiah will be fulfilled and the lion. Shell lie with the lamb the iranian shell e ponce nagy the israeli and the golan. Shell cacak these ambien with us. In the studio is a woman who's lovely writing is always an ippon. I refer of course to alison happen. Summer allison is written for political the new republic foreign policy the jerusalem post ata the ford and many other of your very best papers magazines. She is a columnist for our at. You have heard on. Npr pri in the bbc and you have seen her on. I twenty four television. And al jazeera tv alison holds a world centre ward for journalism recognizing excellence reported and a simon rocked our award for excellence and covering zionism and israel. Alison how are you doing. I'm good but i wish i was in the snow in jerusalem with my son lis- tel aviv centric cheerleaders. Like you take hit every time. It snows in jerusalem and they become the cool city rain. We don't take any says the man who is considering moving to boston also with us here in our studio and we are so delighted again is a woman whom i d f may well have had in mind when they set out what they call the judo. Moral code quote courage. Respect modesty sincerity friendship honor and politeness. Obviously i am talking about sally. Ed sally is the resource development director and also one of the elected leaders of the grassroots political movement standing together about which more later sally abbott has been an activist. She was a teen focusing on feminist struggles. And on children's rights she has written for the nation and recently interviewed noam chomsky for majority magazine. Sally how are you doing. I'm great thank you. I'm actually very mad that i'm missing the snow. And we're getting all the wets mess dirty bus messier. I know even had yesterday and hail is being in tel aviv. You know oh. I don't know there's still something about being in tel aviv. I would still rather be here than jerusalem with us now also also with us in the capsule studio reserved for the semi vaccinated right behind us through the wall is a man whom the great saddam yamada might have had in mind when he said of judo and of life itself quote to gain mastery. You must unite the qualities of spirit strength technique and the ability to take the initiative and quote. I refer naturally to ohio delta zubeida. You heard his voice before. Ohio it'll be is a book reviewer for our ad. He rates for offscreen magazine and lately has written fiction for granted in the past hosted a weekly show on halloween. Tv on arts and culture in israel. He's admired for his genius loved for his warm human decency and envied for his effortless. Cool ohad how're you doing. I just can't get over the fact that it's called ju- dough and there are no holiday. Judokas like i know. I'm i'm kind of angry about that. I have to tell you there are places that you would think discrimination would not enter but it's everywhere. It's just everywhere. Yeah yeah now answer me. My name is no renato. Meet to boast but i had my once in a decade colonoscopy this past week and when i saw dr afterwards we want to hear more and i'm sitting behind you behind you so you can see how it's hard a little bit hard not to both about his so i saw the doctor afterwards and he said quote the inside of your colon.

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