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Boston - Gov. Baker offers new outline on phase 2 of Massachusetts reopening plan


Daily coronavirus briefing on Friday governor Baker laying out the plans for re opening restaurants in the bay state starting with outdoor dining then moving to endorse the plans are a part of phase two of re opening which can start as early as June eighth but that date is not set in stone we get more now from WBZ TV's Michael cross governor says they'll be tracking corona virus data from June first until June six before they give the official starting date all the phase two and when it does begin patios will be allowed to fill up once again for restaurants outdoor dining will begin at the start of phase two restaurants in Massachusetts are getting closer to welcoming back customers to dine on site in phase two of governor Charlie Baker's re opening process our public health the experts will continue to carefully monitor the data between the first and the sixth of June in order to determine when exactly phase two should start the administration is releasing details to allow restaurants restaurants to to prepare prepare their their staff staff to to follow follow new new safety safety protocols protocols Frank Frank Sinatra Sinatra said said he he did did it it his his way way okay okay we're we're gonna gonna do do it it the the right right way way in in the the safe safe way way first first today's today's guidelines are just what north end restaurant owner Nick Varano wanted to hear he's excited the state is working to streamline the process for restaurants to offer outdoor dining the idea of getting started with that is unbelievable it's gonna be a fun experience right you walk at the end of the street you get see people dying in the ability music an exact re opening date for restaurants is still unclear but many are already preparing great that I'm so blessed you know so blessed to be here and went through Martim vas was owner of la siesta in Winthrop says his loyal customers or still supporting them through take out he's thrilled their patio though will soon be another option for diners it will be a big a big help and it would be great for our customers you know to keep you know to start coming in you know that little by little and one outdoor Johnny does begin the tables will have to be six feet apart and initially they'll only be six people allowed at a table

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