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Listening to the John with her show on K. an assessment because number one talk July eighteenth mark fifty years since Ted Kennedy the Liberal Democrat from Massachusetts drove off a bridge on Chappaquiddick island and left Mary Jo compact need to drown in the backseat joining us now is Krista Curtis how come from news busters to discuss how the media protected Ted Kennedy and the Kennedy family for more than fifty years after the Chappaquiddick incident Curtis thanks for joining us this evening no problem so Curtis let me ask you other than last year's film which which was actually a pretty good movie my wife and I watched it but for decades journalists and the TV networks really down played this incident and and really actually portrayed Kennedy as as the victim in this whole deal didn't die right yes let's walk through this the initial draft from the New York times reporter James rested in nineteen sixty nine a framed it by saying it the card the original draft of his article began by saying quote tragedy has again struck the Kennedy family and and Mary Jo compactly was not mentioned until paragraph for in our data Pengilly apparently the times had to redo it and then act these name was in the lead but nonetheless after Ted Kennedy spoke to the nation in what kind of woe is me in his speech the movie shows Weston again read the article about the the statement from your from your time saying it was a tragic profile in courage yeah a profile in courage you know and again you're right it it it was forty eight forty nine years where you need me really kind of covered it up and then Chappaquiddick comes out with some big you know decent name actors and actresses and it's kind of like way I will die of course it happened we want you know you eat like pretend for generation you know well over a generation that what happened was a tragedy for Ted Kennedy you know living in this and any other examples but being an Allen then until last year then it's like oh yeah well there's very little doubt that this movie would have been made if he were alive yeah that was I was gonna ask that any why did they wait until it was it because they they had to wait for him to die a is that and was there that much references the Kennedy name that powerful they have that much clout that they could keep this story that's this film suppressed for that long is that why they waited so long I certainly think that one possibility there's a number of layers can best be in others the I need to move then looking at the treatment of women but yeah I think that that has a large part to do with it but yeah I know I mean for twenty year on the twenty year anniversary NBC news said it it changed his life and possibly end in his dream of becoming president wall you know Alice Williams at the time all Andrea Mitchell who still going somehow on MSNBC an NBC news and on Thursday she talked to the wrong person you know when she was giving up her show is another person was sitting right next door she's a little crazy right now but she said that the promenade denied that Ted Kennedy focusing on the issues was the kind of nothing ball work that has earned him the respect of his colleagues yeah so the focus is on winning respect twenty years it on the twenty year anniversary in nineteen eighty nine instead of you know what this means what's going on with the happy family but you you mentioned the me to move then I mean you've got Ted Kennedy is still widely considered the lion of the Senate you Bill Clinton is revered among Democrats you know the media they have both both of those two have been accused of terrible misdeeds why the double standard would where's the me to move in on that how come neither of them have me the me to move it hasn't come out and called for an accounting or or any kind of accusation or investigation into either of those two by adding a think after Kennedy they would obviously saying and he's dead but that doesn't mean you shouldn't kind of looking to see what happens hi thank you but you know even recently in two thousand nine Mitchell said that the heavens were weeping for Ted Kennedy today on the day of his funeral because in Massachusetts it was pouring down rain and then a year later issue in twenty ten and she was wondering what Ted Kennedy would think about the policy debate you know the the state as the political scene in August twenty ten what his view on certain matters would be if we could be blocked by his presence but but the worst example was Charles Pierce in two thousand three for The Boston Globe this one is just simply amazing Charles Pierce the still applying on MSNBC usually with Chris Hayes or launch our Donal and yet he offered this quote that this terrible I don't know I mean you're worried here about what you want to stay here quote if she lived merry joke he would be sixty two years old through his tireless work as a legislator Ted Kennedy would have brought comfort to her in her old age so basically yeah he died but that's allowed but Ted Kennedy still one on to do the work that she probably would have been proud of wow me a break had he not let her drowned in the backseat of his car I mean then climbed out and went home and then reported it you know I I mean if you think about the tragedy from what the movie portrayed in from what the stories have come out if she was alive there was an error in the car she ran out of air she didn't drive it die on impact she didn't around she she S. fixing it is what the from what I recall the story it's it's a horrible death and we you know as you think of stories of Harvey Weinstein team in Jeffrey abstain and and other men accused of these kinds of horrible crimes perhaps they should look back at how the media mineralized and explain the death of compact me I just don't understand this it it's just it's right shameful yeah I mean in the Huffington post the liberal another level outlet pertaining to probably have the interests of all women in ten minutes and liberals at heart suggested that curry in implied someone wrote in two thousand nine that her death might have been necessary sacrifice for for Kennedy kind of over Khan maybe she can feel it was worth it as in her dying worth it consider when compared to Ted Kennedy's political career I mean it it's hard to get more ridiculous are more vile than that you know once again if you say yes it's just absolutely stunning again that the people in Hollywood in in especially in the news media bill will finally back on Ted Kennedy but again you know that movie was still you know made which was in the gene and in of itself last year but I definitely think more examining and the Kennedys is down because you know just the last three weeks we had all the look back that year tenure death of JFK junior and all the just obsession with that yet again you now they want talk about how we are we're American we don't like royalty yeah to create their own while families and expect us to suck it all up like a sponge right well Curtis I I appreciate you giving historical context to this and it's just it's the double standard here is so glaring and appalling a you know if this if something like this it happened with the bush family we both know how they would have how the media were treated that story about drunk driving you know that you're a his do you are already lack thank you need to to try and think and so so we kind of know on a smaller scale what immediate tried to DO so yeah yeah right yeah I know exactly well I appreciate I appreciate the the historical context here and and thank you for for the story thank you for signing a little bit a light on this and you know keep up keep up the good work my friend thank you anytime coming up a representative Blake carpenter will join us to discuss his ongoing fight with members of his own party in the legislature over the Gadsden flag you're listening to the John Cooper show on which does number one talk ninety eight seven at thirteen thirty K. an SS.

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