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Nothing okay so this is just to have a physical location. That shows where k on was in fact this my this is so so. I'm a little bit bummed. Because i was expecting stuff for maintenance not for monitoring not a security risk. That's how splice is day was just label doors because of their corruptions look. It's just a sticker that says maintenance with a label maker covering the actual security room spelled trump. Yeah you know You know if you're looking for actual maintenance as i said there is the Maintenance access panel to the particle accelerator below even made an access panel former. Let's go and then the to the south there. That's the thing that i moved like yourself is just a balcony after looks out trying to put that together. I miss that part entirely anime ahead of me moment. Particle accelerators trial. It's bathe everything in this place is right saying like if we go for that before we we beat k on. We're like i mean where i mean. Where else is there to go. Maybe he might be there. Yeah he's gotta be. We ran out of spaces that we're running out of doors and places to go through. So i mean it's definitely i mean he's he's not going to be down there he's going to be in this room chair. We'll see we go online. I feel you dude. I would just like to learn without fucking myself in the ass. No that's good. Gotta relax all right so Maintenance room has been cleared. Good job all. The brooms are safe. What do you do now. Check out that access panel. That's two hundred. Wanna check it first. Before i do anything with it. While he's perceptual. Go ahead go ahead. And he's looking down there. I mean ziva would be standing on top of this glass floor situation trying to look down and she would also just kind of like whisperers quietly she can lenny. They know anything about this kind of whispering. Pursuit will about what darling is machine blois. Oh no i'm sorry. Only been programmed to understand the technology in this here suit that you wear in your mile aji which is quite nice. I must say shit. You're healthy. She was just kind of smile softly. But not say anything to that. Every person wants to hear your genes quite nice it. It made me got some real nice legit full proof pickup. Sorry what serial killer via fax biology. That's nas biology cannot purchase. No go please. Go ahead josh. My reception check was twenty-eight. All right yeah. I mean it's pretty track free might say And would it does have a key. Swipe on it But you know you can see right through it so you can. You can see the other side of the door and what you see the particle accelerator for one and you see that it is on and it is humming and that in the there's this like tube in in the middle of it that you can see gears and technological fluid kind of swirling as it it seems to be like building up energy bro. Were already in the shadow plane We've been in the shed. Who like i feel like i thought it was. Zeba would have been like just a constant attack magic as resources sweeping through this place. Sorry so anything as we kind of like she would stay about fifteen paces. I guess behind. Phil i mean so as far as detecting magic. I obviously there. I guess you're getting a little ping from the thing below but there's nothing it's it's beyond like a spell you know what i'm saying like this is there is a lot of actual technology involved in this but you certainly get the sense that it in the middle of this tube. It seems to be like the a large large to. That's right in the middle of this machine and it seems to be filling up with what looks like shadow energy But it's not full now. It's maybe a quarter full and it's moving in a kind of a slow rate. Not you know not slow. Enough to not be alarming. But it's not like a fill up in the next thirty seconds you. I don't like this timetable already. But there's no clocks in so we're fine Everything's fine you you guys ready to check out this Particle accelerator personas room. I mean there's no other rooms down here right. That's what i was confused. I thought there was another room and then the access to them makes particle accelerator. Yeah there there is one more door and then there's the hatch to the park. Where's the other door on. Not seeing it on the map where everybody's picking whereas the hatch where you're standing receiver. Yeah that's what i said. Okay let's check this other door first because you know want to clear this area before we go down. Yes all right It has a pretty significant keypad..

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