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1.5 million veteran members. Navy Federal Credit Union. Our members are the mission. Ensured by an unequal housing lender. Brian comes in here and traffic is the news this morning it is And the question is, When will they be able to reopen the Brent Spence Bridge? Looks like the accident scene itself is in the process of being cleaned up, and that should be resolved soon. But there's a question of damage to the bridge itself. We have the intense fire. On the bridge started on the north bound side, the under deck of the bridge about three o'clock this morning. In fact, a number of people living coming and say they were awoken by the explosion. What happened was you had a box truck that was carrying a very dangerous chemical called potassium hydroxide. It was loaded with about £100 of that, and the box truck apparently collided with semi or vice versa. Not really sure. But then the fire broke out and diesel fuel from the semi and from the box truck went up a cz well, along with this chemical Chemicals used a production of soft soap. We understand it was in a liquid form, so it burned pretty quick and that was the boom. The question again did a damage any of the bridge, the North bound lanes or the flames could be seen just just roasting the south bound lanes above it. So you know, the firefighters actually fallen from the ground below because it's so hard to get on that bridge because there's no emergency lanes so the water was being put on it from underneath, and they were able to get the fire out pretty quickly waiting to hear from the inspectors on whether or not they think its safe. For cars to travel over it again course with this bridges was declared, functionally obsolete years 20 years ago. It's 57 years old was supposed to carry about 75,000 cars vehicles today. Right now, that number is closer.

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