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Better one person has died three more are injured after an accident early this morning and sheboygan county it happened near the intersection of south twelve th street in camelot boulevard three people were taken from the scene by the sheboygan fire department at least two of whom were flown to milwaukee area hospitals one person pronounced dead at the scene it's not yet clear what caused that accident i was concened mom is speaking out against the dangers of reckless driving after her son was critically injured in an accident last week it happened friday morning your twentieth and west fund the lack police say a woman tried to beat a red light that lost control of her car plowing into three people including josh walters his mother joanne says josh received the worst of the injuries on both of his legs were shattered his right arm was broken has hips his palace on so lots of reconstructive surgery at toco joanne says she hopes the story will teach others the dangerous of driving recklessly cash has three children one of who is only ten days old at the time that the accident acid in the wtmj and he's one of the candidates challenging house speaker paul ryan holds a rallying can no show this weekend randy prices an iron worker and single dad who grew up in milwaukee he's also a veteran and cancer survivor whose run for office several times before he says he's a working guy who listened to the average voter working people are fighting her that's the only reason why i i feel compelled the wrong knowing that there's somebody that's been a stand open and work for them instead of corporate and truth to other democrats have announced their running against ryan janesville school board vice president kathy myers and political activist david yank vic of ohio republican paul neelan is also announced he's running he challenged ryan and the 2016 primary sports traffic and weather next wtmj news time nine o4 facebook this made it easier for lawmakers to find out what their constituents are reading some are comfortable with that steven.

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