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Donate it to somebody else. I said, okay, sorry. I said, you know, we could do it right now. No, no, I'm good. Yeah, no, it's so those are, I mean, I've had you're somewhere, you're at a restaurant. And somebody will come up and they'll introduce you and they go, oh, and my friend, so and so and the guy will go, well, would you like a picture with Paul? My favorite too is because it's so rarely falls very famous. So he's sandbagging here, but so rarely anybody will have any idea who I am, which is great. But sometimes if someone sees me taking picture with somebody else, they'll be like, oh, maybe I need to go take my picture and then they'll say, so who are you? There's a picture. There is this great joke. I heard it a million years ago. Involves Frank Sinatra. Famous people in the world. Yeah. It was with Don Rickles. He went he saw Sinatra out of New York restaurant. And Sinatra had like entourage. More entourage than you have. Less than Tim Tebow has. He went over to Sinatra and he said, I'm with a new girl. That's how they talk back then. Oh well. Well, you would know. Well, how was it there? And Sinatra goes, would you come by? And I just, my first date with her. Yeah. Sinatra walks over, and there's like 5 guys with vests and guns and other people. Yeah. And he goes, done. It's so great to see you. And rickles looked up. He says, Frank, can't you say I'm having dinner? That's so good. Oh, that's great. Yeah, I'm gonna try that on you. Next time I have a really fancy dinner, I'm trying to impress somebody. I'm gonna see if I can get you to come over and then I'll say that to you. I don't think that. I don't know if I've ever been anywhere where it was really that impressive. Yeah, well, that's just how you think about yourself, which is it's probably very apropos to where we are right now because you are such a legend here in Knoxville and you don't consider yourself that. But that's one of the great things about you. So humble man of the people. Is he the best? My ultimate goal, though, one of my favorite things about volunteer fans is that they will have the overalls that have the orange and white stripes on it. I don't know why it seemed like this is a shot. No. I love yours. I think they look amazing in my ultimate goal is to get Paul wearing those. Don't you guys think that'd be great? Where do you get those? Yeah, we're gonna go get some. Ball shop. Ball shop. All right, we'll be there later. How later are you guys open? How late's ball shop open? Yeah. All right, so we'll get Paul. I know you're not run over there while you're here. You know what? I'll finish this up for you. You go get those. That would be worth it, right? People could suffer through me doing your show long enough for you to go get some of those overalls. I just think it would only be right. I think, you know what? You need an extra layer in this weather. It's a little chilly. Okay. We did a show. It was I remember distinctly. It was two years ago tonight. We did a show in Oxford. Yeah. And I had picked up something. I don't know what it was. Oh my goodness. And I literally couldn't get marquee reactors producing the show tonight said you have to get off the show. He was so sick. That was so sad. My goodness. So I'm so worried about you. I was watching the show inside and I felt so bad watching you outside. But you were, I mean, you couldn't even speak. You had some and I think you yeah, we've turned a new leaf with you, because now you take better care of yourself, which makes me really happy. You guys, Paul's been really getting it in the gym too. That's been, that's his new thing. Right? This is like this is your life, Paul fine, bam, huh? Yeah, it is. Well, I just think that people should know more about you because you're very private, but I like to share things about you. So I know anything about you that no, no one cares about me. I got nothing. For the people that get mad at us when we don't talk football. Which is a lot of people. Yeah, yeah. You know what? I like those people because they're so committed to football that you can't have any reprieve on this show. We've already had Roman and Tebow. That's not enough. We need our current Tennessee player. We've had countless. But we need more. You're on here for a couple of minutes a week. And people get very upset. Yeah. Anyway, I love you guys for calling us out and keeping us on track. So I'm going to get us to the nitty Gritty here. Did Roman say on this show what he said to me earlier about how he thinks Tennessee is going to score 21 points tomorrow? He did. I think that's really interesting. He also called that Alabama fans for being crazy. Which is even better than his statement about Tennessee. Anyway, I think that's possible too. And I think Georgia wins the game. They number one team in the country far and away at this point. I'm not sure. What? You're picking Tennessee? Paul. I just said I'm not so sure. I didn't say anything else. All right, but seriously, you think it's competitive? I think it's more competitive. At the end of the program tomorrow. I'm coming out of smoky. Okay. Last week, did everybody see when he came when he joined the yell leaders at Texas a and M and a story about that?.

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