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Display lacy slash. We decided that maybe super long mission his though she needed right now and now is already in a very hot and pleasurable space so instead of easing things back and changing breathing and changing direction. We decided to just good through the come right there holding mike just catching my breath a little bit. Why don't we clean ourselves up and get cozy. Then we can chat about it though. Sounds nice. I feel like i want to have a on my special gaps cup of tease her turmeric and ginger and a tiny bit of honey with coconut oil on top. I wanna rob brownie and chai tea rod stewart. What about those brownies. That i made fee yet in the freezer. And the freeze yeah. I'll just eat my other. One and then fund made me a full tray rob brownies for mother's day even though he can't eat them because he's on gaps min sacrifice. Okay we'll be back. Oh my goodness it's giveaway time so we just launched this new podcast and we're giving away some free love. Lie is if the love that would be given my isn't enough already. We want to give you some stuff all right so basically what we're trying to do is we're trying to get a lot of five star reviews. People say you're not supposed to ask people for five star. Reviews subscribes. But i want to ask people for what i want. I want five star review. Were direct people. I want you to follow and subscribe and want you to share this. So if you offer us a review we are going to enter you in a giveaway to win some sweet shed and you can read all about that at lacy in flynn dot com slash. Podcast get a breakdown of what we're giving away. It's real stuff. Yeah stuff you're gonna like. Yeah don't just glaze pass this part like go. Give us a review. do it right now. Pause this gives us a review an comeback. We're watching we're waiting. We'll be dawar. We got you for waiting to her. Yeah right the five star. Ding ding ding. Oh we felt. The five stars is coming in las vegas so much. Now you're in the giveaway. Oh my god you could congratulations. Her name is in all my god. You did it you should turn you did a twice katie. It's you see johnny. Thanks bye we love you all but all right back. I just ate peanut butter toast with coconut oil and cinnamon. And i feel quite good and we were in the kitchen and i think we both had a momentary deer in headlights where we almost couldn't believe what we just did. I felt that way high fat that way in one way it was so simple. We did what we normally do. We held these black things. We'd long cables of the end but in another way it did change the experience but not kind of drastically in actually so true to us for another reason apart from the sharing the sex and breaking down and trying to help people and all that in that is just totally lost it is then sex. Brian hewlett cleveland countdown. She'll be six brain now gonna go to the other point about this. That makes it so authentic to us is that it's so simple and so powerful we really strive for simplicity in living room in a business with a messaging everything. We prefer simple and potent. It's so much easier to actually have sex and to just let people see what we're talking about all these years to actually like that's the most minimal listed approach is to be like here it is it feels like a threshold like we've just done something irrevokable. I mean once this is out in the world. There's something very final about that. And then simultaneously. It feels so liberating because to do this. It takes away any vestige or last remnant of shame or uncertainty or doubt around this thing that we're sharing and creating i mean it just is what it is. This is the act that brings us onto being it. Sex it's pleasure its connection. It is crazy that we all have such a deep wound around sex this act that is the essence of our lives that we you know that this will be shocking to many people and yet we are two people to puzder. We have kids. We've made kids. We've come from parents who had sex to make us like everyone's spending their whole lives in pursuit of saxon connection and love and here we are showing it as to you know consenting adults and it feels revolutionary and simultaneously totally normal and nothing nonchalant easy and also it feels. It feels like stepping run edge. Lacy sit in the kitchen that she felt like she discharged in the ocean but didn't know how to swim. It's cut really for us right now. We're gonna simplicity but also a massive nest to it Like what did we just do is have. We gone too far even for ourselves and we have pretty fine with sharing a lot of stuff but we just looking at each other. But i feel like this is. This is just hit. We had this idea and it still feels true. And i feel like the more that we do it. The less the microphones and the and the teachings jewelry sex gonna make an impact on the experience. So less is trolling it. Yeah and i mean you know. The show isn't entirely this. This will happen periodically. the show is about tons of other things associated and around sachs's not just showing inside of our our sex but this is an entry point and also coming back. Tell me how you feel now. What's your experience of your body now. And this is the most important part of slow up with. I feel i definitely feel like probably a lot. Younger key ally hunger or feel so much more clear i feel less stressed and less scattered. I feel very calm. Which is nice because of been dealing with a lot of internal rage lately trying to understand that because it was very out of character rage feelings. Come up for you during sacks at all. I feel like probably. It was even more heightened because we hadn't had sex for three weeks. Whatever it just felt like what you were saying there during our session that you heart was closed. Mahat was so closed and so so buried dandy but just saying you there and seeing your beauty again and your openness. I feel like that. Just helped basically illuminate my heart again..

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