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Six eastern, followed by Green gets in Eastern Tuesday on ESPN Radio. The FC playoff picture is all over the board at the top. And at the bottom. Still a lot of playoff positions for 2nd 3rd in the bottom five teams for four spots. It's Game day, ESPN Radio Joe for Mom, Byron Metcalf. I met Jones cornerback Joe Hayden. Has two positive for Cove in 19 with the Steelers and will not play Sunday against Cleveland. That's what a source told ESPN Dan Graziano, so he will be out. That game's gonna be a mess in terms of who's playing and who's not. You can tune into football action. Tomorrow's Josh out and the Bills host the Dolphins pre game begins at noon Eastern on most of these ESPN radio stations. Right now, there are five teams in the A F. C for four spots. The all play tomorrow the matchups air Kind over the board. But you have the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans in the Indianapolis Colts. Five teams four spots. I'm not asking you, Joe to predict who will win and to go through all the scenarios. I just want to ask you this. Those five teams who deserves in your mind to be in the playoffs, the least and which one if they got in, could do the most damage. Baltimore to answer the second question first, because that's the easiest of the two Baltimore would have the ability to do the most damage. And I say that with a bit of trepidation because John Harbaugh hasn't won a playoff game since 2012. That's when he won the Super Bowl. That's the last time you want to play off game. Lamar Jackson's also going to in the playoffs, so there's some concerns there. I think Miami while a very nice record at 10 and five and a very impressive season Fred coach Brian Flores is probably the most vulnerable to getting in and immediately getting run out of the building. And no one wants to see that we know Tennessee can compete. So the answer comes down to either Cleveland or Indianapolis as least deserving. And to be honest with you. I'm going to take the Indianapolis Colts who are on the outside looking in. They need to win, and they need help from one of those other teams losing tomorrow. Indianapolis Has two horrific mistakes on their resume this year that I'm not gonna be able to get over last week dunking off that game against Pittsburgh in the second half. You win that game. You are fine. Not only are you find you have the inside track to winning the F C south, and they completely melted down in that game against the team that had been playing horrific football over the last month of the season. In addition to that, the Colts handed the Jaguars They're on Lee win of the season back in week one, and people say it's week one. You have time to rebound. Well, here you are. Indianapolis. You need help to get in because you couldn't get by the Jaguars, the on Lee team in the business, Myron, who couldn't get by the Jaguars. So when you talk about least deserving Indianapolis to Mia's least deserving, and I hate to say it because I really like him coming into the season. Joe, You're a smart man, and I tend to disagree with agree with your takes, but I actually think, least deserve. This is Cleveland Browns, who've been playing triple a ball most of the season and if it wasn't for the Tennessee Titans? Getting into that situation where they were outscored early in the game. We have a different conversation. I think about the Cleveland Browns. It would be a completely different scenario. They had the big lead early. And if he comes on late, they're still win that game 41 to 35. But beyond that this is a team that beat the Giants couple weeks about back just lost to the Jets. They beat Jacksonville in Philly and Houston. Triple A teams for the most part, lost to the Raiders and early November beat Cincinnati got crushed it Pittsburgh. I mean, this isn't a team in the last two months of the season that's been very effective. That matters really done anything to prove that they can compete with the best teams in the NFC In the A F. C S, I would say they're least deserving Baltimore. Definitely most dangerous team Cleveland, the team Cleveland be the team that kind of stumbles into these players. You know what's interesting to me, and it's Game day on ESPN Radio Matt Jones, Byron Metcalf in Joe 40 Ball. So what's interesting to me is that I don't necessarily think Any of these teams couldn't do damage. I actually think that's a double negative, but I actually think all of them could do damage except the Dolphins. The Dolphins. I don't see necessarily winning any of the playoff games because the quarterback situation but I could see the Ravens. I could see the Browns. I could see the Titans. I could see the Colts all of those teams. They're gonna probably play well. They are going to play either. Pittsburgh Buffalo or who? My missing well that will play each other with the winner of the thing. I think all of those teams could beat Pittsburgh or Buffalo Joe in a one game scenario, don't you? Absolutely again. Miami would be the concern. They play very good defense. But I cannot get over the fact that they continue to side with two over Ryan Fitzpatrick, who gives them a better chance to win. Now. Now, I know Fitzpatrick has the covert issue, so he's out for this weekend but in a major city, New York, Dallas, Chicago, any major football town around the country that would be a far bigger story. They're coaching decision with the quarterback situation than it is being in Miami these days could make some noise. I can't help and they've been the butt of so many jokes that I've made over the last 15 years, but I can not believe I can not Sympathize enough with Cleveland Browns fans right now, like you won 10 games clean Pittsburgh, Your opponent this weekend is gonna lay down. Mason. Rudolph, starting T. J. Watts not gonna play. You've got this unbelievable opportunity. Get back to the postseason and now Cove. It is just ripping apart the locker room. The facility. You got problems on the Pittsburgh side. I don't even know where to begin. Handicapping a game like that, Myron. I really don't. But I do feel for Cleveland fans because they're long, long history of suffering should be coming to an end this weekend, and I don't know. Maybe somehow Pittsburgh finds a way to ruin it for him because of the covert issues that have played Cleveland throughout the course of the week. It's a mess, and it's happening again. Usually we've had a lot of scenarios where it was like Monday or Tuesday. You heard about these positive tests, and maybe you could move games around for this to be happening on Friday and Saturday..

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