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Flipper from the gun. We'll hand it off in a big run up the middle, Allen gets a first down plus at least 5 more to move the chains and Penn State want to take advantage of this gift of an interception. A good job by Penn State. They've been going so much too tight ends. They size down, they go 11, one tight end gets smaller bodies on the field. Easier Russian lands. First and ten from the 41, quickly getting it out into the flat to Alan. They keep going to the true freshman and he hears out of bounds near the 35. Then we'll bring up second down in about four. Staying spread again, one tight end out there spreading out personnel. So now that get some of these athletic mismatches on linebackers that are great downhill, maybe not as much Easter west trying to cover these bags. Second down and four, three wide with Sears, flipper off the play action. We'll quickly get it out to the perimeter once more. That's caught by Parker Washington. He runs out of bounds after getting the first down. And now we see a little bit of substituting going on. For this offense that hasn't quite been in hurry up, but there's been good pace for this offense this series was shot Clifford and Penn State. Good rhythm, good timing by everyone and they viewed that personnel grouping to give them some advantageous looks. 7 40 remaining in the third quarter here at Bieber stayed in Penn State leading 24 to ten and looking to strike once more after the interception by jair Brown. And they put two tight ends back on the field now in this area, watch out for a play action shot at the end zone. Wolford has two wide receivers split either side. He takes the shotgun snap, we'll hand it off to K Tron Allen and he has spun down to the ground after a game of one. Darnell Jeffries on the plate due to great job holding up the left guard at the point of attack. The former Clemson transfer of four years at Clemson partisan national championship teams there. Coming over doing a great job up front. One of the few transfers on this side of the ball on the defensive line room for Venezuela. Second down in ten out of 7 minutes to go in the third world wide receivers for shot Clifford. Nicholas singleton in the backfield. He has quickly flushed from the pocket and has to throw it into the dirt thanks to the pressure from Minnesota, including Jalen Logan Redding. They were trying to set up the screen there and they had it. I mean, you had a blitz look coming from Minnesota, but a great job by Michael Dixon in the back end of safety. He read that the entire way came and covered down on Nick singleton and made it along with the pressure in Sean Clifford's face unable to burn that one. Third down in ten from the 28 of Minnesota trips right one rider he was in the near side. Nice Clifford stands in the gun. Nicholas singleton off his left hip. Third down in ten, trying to get into the red zone. Flippers will sidestep and throw almost intercepted a flag comes out. Only person near that path was the Gopher quarterback Terrell Smith. That's pass interference on the defense. They were trying the double move for Harrison Wallace that looked like on that play. That's why you saw Sean Clifford going to a spot because his receiver was held up. He was just outside the reach of Smith. And Sean and Sean Clifford took a shot on that last play right now. He's sort of working out that throwing on. And remember he left it for defense number four. The ball recreation spot the final automatic push down. You talking about Clifford taking a hit, he left the last game against Michigan after he was injured and was questionable coming into this one. And I'll tell you someone who I'm sure even though it won't say it out loud is good gut through most things he feels on the field that Sean Clifford right now. Here's all the talk about drew aller and what people want to see. 6 39 to go first and ten from the 16. They handed off to singleton. He has room in front of him and will not be stopped touchdown 16 yards for Nicholas singleton the truth freshman and Penn State a commanding 20 point lead here in the third. Great play a little bit of a delayed draw here. You got pressure off the left side of that defense. So singleton sees it. The handoff delay allows all that pressure to wash down from that left side. And he just puts a foot in the ground. He's so quick and explosive. We talk about Ibrahim on Ibrahim on the other side as a cutback runner. Nicholas singleton just so sudden and once he gets to the open field, gone. And the extra point will make it 31 to ten Penn State in control at home beaver stadium, they lead by three touchdowns over Minnesota. This is college football Saturday night powered by the interference. What do we have to eat? Let's see. Peppers left over chicken, tomatoes, mayonnaise

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