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News about your money coming up next. We also have your real time traffic. Hello, Kevin. Hello there Service Street incident in alcohol in here. Second sheet of pepper Drive car went into a building there took off the entire corner of the building list. There are a lot of crews were on scene here. And needless to say that establishments not opening up this morning. They're going to get the car pulled out of there in just a minute and do an assessment. But traffic a little okay around the area. Just everybody slowing down to take a look out of the south. A nerve on five. The unified about our freeways running great like traffic over the bridge so far with just some minor slowing getting down towards the toll plaza. The strand is okay. Our 20 minutes. Elaine Arpanet Sanusi drop this report sponsored by Cal hope dot org and the Department of Health Care Services As life returns to normal, Our worries have not disappeared but evolved. Cal Hope offers free covid 19 emotional support call 1833317. 46 73 or live chat at Calhoun. Org today. Cocos next real time traffic updates just 10 minutes away. Morning clouds burning off to sunny skies Today will also be a little warmer, muggy heat advisory goes into effect at noon today for the mountains coast Up to 73 Inland 87 the mountains 93 the desserts up to 1 10 Right now downtown, We are mostly cloudy and 68 cocoa news time is 6 21. Taking on childhood obesity in the Latino community. I'm Marilyn Haider. With today's health report, researchers at U C. San Diego will receive about $3 million to develop approaches to mitigate childhood trauma within the Latino community and reduce childhood obesity. The funding is part of Governor Newsom's California comeback Plan and the California Initiative to advance precision medicine. The study will systematically examined community organizational, family and individual predictors of childhood obesity. These behaviors include stress, anxiety and overeating. Adverse experiences include trauma, such as family, violence, abuse or neglect. At the end of the study, the researchers expect to release recommendations and best practices to address resiliency, diet and physical activity, The lead investigator says. Working with the Latino community, we want to create a family based approach to improve individual and community resilience, distress and address the obesity epidemic. Maryland Haider KOGO News, a new poll shows about 73% of unvaccinated Americans believe the risk of contracting the delta variant is being exaggerated. That's according to a poll conducted by ABC News in The Washington Post, which also found 79% of Unvaccinated people believe there is little or no chance that they will catch the virus. Health officials say those who are unvaccinated are Most at risk. Questions remain about the origin of the virus are continuing investigation to find out if it could have escaped from a lab in Wuhan, Arkansas. Republican Senator Tom Cotton on the story with Martha MacCallum offered his opinion. There's at least a real chance that this virus escaped from that lab, where they're performing research into how to make coronavirus is more dangerous. Funded by US tax dollars that were approved by Tony Fauci. The Chinese government has said it would not take part in or approve of any more investigations into the origin of the virus to see. I just can't leave Frank. It looks like Britney Spears could pick her own lawyer soon. That's if her mother, Lynne Spears, and her personal conservative Jodi Montgomery, have anything to do with it. TMZ reports that Lynn filed paperwork asking for the court to allow the pop star to choose her own attorney. Meantime, people reports that Montgomery asked for the same thing. But she wants a third party to advocate to help the 39 year old singer. Choose Montgomery's paperwork noted This should be done without spears having to undergo a medical evaluation, citing the singer's wishes. This comes after her longtime court appointed attorney, Sam Ngam, resigned on Tuesday. Jada Pinkett Smith says she quit excessive drinking cold Turkey after realizing her addiction was getting worse. In an interview on Read Table talk on Facebook watch The actress said. Once I was going for that third bottle of wine, you Wow, I said, you've got a problem, she said. She just stopped that day, The 49 year old actress said she was a hard liquor drinker who could drink almost anybody under the table. Specifically, her husband will Smith. She described the Oscar nominated actor as a lightweight. Okay. What do I suck him made you say, but since shooting host and singer Kelly Clarkson wants the courts to declare her legally single Singer and TV host file documents this past Friday requesting the courts officially grant her request to be divorced from her husband, Brandon Blackstock. The request asked the judge to put all the other issues aside for now,.

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