Donald Trump, CNN, Ronald Reagan discussed on The Michael Knowles Show


The media will put him on let 'em implode themselves and now all boy now they're spiraling out of control because why the media built them right email this reminds me of an andrew slaven quote about donald trump which is he who donald trump would destroy he first makes mad any does even they do seem to all just blow up and spiral down and on the hard work you know this especially leading efforts in iowa if anybody's worked on any political campaign before i've worked on a lot at all different levels even if you're working on a dog catcher campaign in his exhausting grueling thankless work and to to watch donald trump at the highest level and with unprecedented in modern history unprecedented opposition do it with a grin at do with that kind of trumpian smirk and seemed to have an inexhaustible source of energy it really makes you question all of these news reports on cnn that he isn't in good health 30s over a rambler i senile or whatever non sense that they also said about ronald reagan right it's so true let me tell you what our when we were towards the end and i knew i mean i knew he was going to win this when it became the candidate uh and we went to the convention i was like oh my god like that the rnc convention was unbelievable his family was so amazing he was so amazing and then when i knew like oh my gosh this is this is in the bag um we were wrap it up like iowa and we had maybe three rallies in one day all across the state so we were flying in in trump force1 and we are stronger you i mean i i know alls i had to do was get people there get volunteers their hype up the crowd and hand the mic over to the star and he wild everybody right so my energy was on a ten his was on a twelve i only had to do you know maybe five minutes where he had to do an hour we get on the plane all i wanted was that damn big mac that he was put in front of me and you know what everybody gives them a hard time about the big mac unlike you're so hungry.

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