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Vice president of the company Changchang who recently left Lenovo to work with this smartphone Juggernaut. In the survey survey Chang asked which manufacturers should they collaborate with Nico Canon or Hasselblad. Guess who won. It was Hasselblad by via landslide whose current owner just happens to be China's own. Dji those that make the The drones because this was a Chinese survey makes sense that that most voted for a Chinese owned company. And I guess the Hasselblad still has a premium brand appeal in Asia. But those of us who understand camera design and manufacturing all all that has a blood doesn't really make entire camera systems Like companies like Sony or Canon or even to a certain degree Nikon as these manufacturers. I do actually make lenses. Either way you'll be interesting to see if Zalmi can pull off what did with Leica and Co Brownies smartphone that will appeal to both consumer consumer electronic fans as well as photographers for photographer. The week again. I wanted to pick a Hong Kong. Visual artists. Still here in Hong Kong and recording live inside camera film photo decided to go with a movie director and writer Wong Kar Wai even though he isn't technically a photographer. Whoever like Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola? If you look at one car wise movie stills they look like like photographs Walker. Wise movies are often considered art films with mood just using off the screen his best work is filmed in his own city of Hong Hong Kong. But he tends to portray with the eyes of an outsider to my favorite films that he has made are in the mood for love and Chongqing Express both critically acclaimed and part of the criterion collection. which is a selection of the most important movies of all time in fact in a BBC Culture Survey Survey of one hundred greatest foreign language films of all time? Three them are from one car. Y to of already mentioned and the other is nineteen ninety. Seven's happy together together like the other previous movie. Directors mentioned Wong works with celluloid and his best work is shot at night with all the colliding and merging lights of Hong Kong's nightlife in fact. It was his movie chungking express that had inspired me to shoot my first photographic series Hong Kong neon using the same film. He we used to shoot the movie. which is Kodak's vision? Five hundred t film and interview Wonka mentioned that when he first moved to Hong Kong from China he struggled struggled to speak Cantonese versus his native Mandarin and so he would often go to the movies. As a refuge. Wong said that at quote it was something that could be understood beyond words. It was a universal language based on images very nice quote as a director. He's more of a street. Greet than a studio style cinematographer. He says he hates working off the scripts often giving his actress rough outlines and improvises ask them to improvise as the movie progresses. He doesn't allow rehearsals and allows the characters to develop while filming. And you can definitely see this in a movie. Movie like Chongqing Express so enjoys films to truly understand his visual work. So there's no need for links to any kind of a show notes. His movie speaks volumes about his ability to see here and tell beautiful stories and thanks for listening to this episode of target steak. Which is my take on photo news this week week next week? I'll be back in Vancouver so I say goodbye from Hong Kong and until then don't forget to subscribe and tell your friends happy shooting. Thank you so much for tuning in today heats up stripe on your podcast APP. It would mean a lot for us to have you as our regular listener head over to photography GRAPHING RADIO DOT COM to drop your suggestion for future editions of Photography Radio or simply to say hello. We would absolutely love to hear from you. In the meantime have a wonderful light and we will be back with more photography in your ears Ferris Oh..

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