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Of course they did. I think it's even more more confident now that I was back then. They extend or silent door. Then I was with Beyonce 855 to 1 to 4 to 27855 to 1 to 4. CBS will finish up with your calls on the other side right now, a CBS Sports radio update. Here's Mike McCann. See me? Yes. Sportswear. Sports Flag OK, south three games Saturday, three more. On Sunday. It's the first year of the NFL's expanded wild card round. Starts with a battle of contrast in quarterbacks 24 year old Josh Allen, who threw for over 4500 yards and 37 touchdowns, going up against the Colts Iron Man, Philip Rivers, who's played in 240 consecutive regular season games. Clearly energized by that move to India. We do it to make some plays, obviously, but you want to do anything unbelievable. Just go play sound football, complementary football together, and we believe if we do that, then it'll be enough. Then it's on to Seattle for an NFC West showdown. The RAM special to use defense, the Seahawks feature of high powered offense. In the night game. Tom Brady is pal Gronk, head to D. C to face the seven and nine Washington football team who are unsure if come back here. Oh, Alex Smith can starting quarterback the calf injury that kept him out of a couple of December games is barking again. Cleveland offensive line coach Bill Callahan and top assistants got Peter's will both be away from the team for their Sunday night game against the Steelers. Due to covert considerations out of the embassy, where the Lakers got 28 points from LeBron James. They needed them all as they squeak past the Bulls won 17 1 15. Warriors with a big fourth quarter rolled past. The Clippers won 15 1 Old five and in a game that echoes the old A, B A. The Raptor outscored the Kings won 44 1 23. Earlier, the Pistons needed overtime to knock off the sun's 1 10 105 Celtics by nine over the wizard's corners were eight better than the Pelicans. Rockets Quest, The Magic 1 32 to 90 this Sunday night when James Harden was not Houston's top score. Pardon? Good for 15 points. Christian would let the team with 22. Jazz, The Thunder and the Grizzlies. Also in the win column. Baseball has lost one of its most vibrant personalities and goodwill ambassadors. Tommy Lasorda loved the boast that he bled Dodger Blue. Took over for the legendary Walter Alston and led Los Angeles, the four pennants and a pair of World Series championships..

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