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Challenge. Intern hugs where is he out running around? All right. We we're we're going to need them. Mighty might getting him since you're going to be doing that kind of started in Australia. You'd have a fitness guy in a fitness girl, usually a very attractive men and women. The guy is is the tree. And the woman is a qualifier and climbs all over the tree in different positions all while making body contact and having arms around. It is this too because it develops strength. Well, it did start with fit people. And now we're just doing it to be fun now, obviously don't hurt yourself. Don't do this. If you think you'll get hurt doing it? Maybe you should do down here here. We'll hit the lights. All right. So hogs have you seen the video? No, there's right there. Look Katie on. Yeah. So you're like a qualifier. You're gonna climb bankers. My he's the tree you'd have to do anything except. Right. All right. Katie's filming. Yeah. We'll post it on our Facebook page Instagram. All right here, we go. Fitness models. We have intern hugs or Matt. Fitness model high. Alright hugged you ready. Yeah. All right. Panther. All right here. We go. Kuala challenge. Oh my God. Microphone in the mouth. You can't. Can you not climb? TV? This is perfectly behind go. Upper body whatsoever. He has not been on that. Out of your legs around him. He's trying to climb my calves. What are you doing? Wrap your legs around him. Yeah. Try not to hurt you. What is that? Climb. How what are you doing? There's. Oh, come on. Go ahead. Gotcha. How to use the chair? I would never want hugs. On the the problem is that hugs. His belly is getting in the way him from climbing. Jump off onto that. Challenge is where there you go. Now, he's. His arms. There you go. Other lights out. All right. Matt Joe, Chuck you out. It's like a wrestling movies. No wonder they have fit people doing it. Because. Can you imagine? If you guys let's say, you would hugs or walking down an alley. There's a group of guys there. You're screwed. Do anything physical polling anything or pushing anything? We're done. Listen to him breathe for a second. Fairness I just stood there. And. Trying to matter fact, guys. I want that guy. Better effort than I thought it'd be a quality of some sort qualas aren't skinny anyway bellies belly. So we thought it'd be post the video and then Holly try it if you're in a safe environment all that stuff. And you're trying to post the video what it looks like she'll people don't think they're just about to have sex time. Yeah. There we go. All right. Quick draw speaking intern hugs. He is the reigning champion. How is this possible beat and Jason LA you beat Katie? And Jason recently announced my turn. He's the favourite. I know all right who thinks gonna win eight hundred six eight to one zero seven five between myself and intern hugs quick draw next..

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