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Of pride of what francis ho- how can help reveal this week is that facebook is not adequately invested in any language. Besides perhaps english and french. They've made some investments in those areas but they utterly failed to make the investment necessary to make facebook safe in other languages. And i have to tell you one you know if it were me and i was running facebook and i found i hear from the united nations that i played a contributing role in the genocide in myanmar. I would've looked right away at this issue at at weather. Our moderation systems keeping people safe particularly around the globe and the fact that that didn't happen is appalling and unacceptable. Britain roger mcnamee to the conversation. Welcome to democracy now. And could you talk to us about your reaction to the latest revelations from a francis hogan and and how you initially began to to believe that a facebook was on a negative and dangerous course. It's a great honor to be back on the show with you all today and i want to tip my hat to my friend jessica. 'cause i think. She framed many of the problems it exactly correctly. I also wanna throw out a huge. You know thanks to francis She is so courageous so authoritative and so utterly convincing. I mean this is a person who is in a position enormous responsibility to facebook who is very technically competent. Who saw these problems and had the courage to bring documents out to make sure the whole world knows that level of courage is i mean we should be all applauding my own experience. I was an adviser to mark in the early days of facebook. I mean he was twenty two when we met. I advised when the company starting before it even had a news feed My concerns became an issue for me in early. Two thousand sixteen and i reached out to mark zuckerberg and shell sandberg just before the election. Two thousand sixteen to warn them. Because i was afraid..

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