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Where we review the trends and issues in instructional design educational technology and learning sciences. That we served as we flip resources into our flipboard magazine over the past two weeks as we normally do we review our trends and we have four this week along with a recommended reading that we will share with that goes with each of these trends. We in the episode by period of the crystal ball and making predictions about the trends. We believe will observe in the upcoming two weeks abbey. Start us off by talking about our fortran and sharing. I recommended readings. Thank you tim. Just as a reminder to everybody listening The way we do this is We go back. We look over the flipboard from past two weeks and we pick the top four trans even though there are probably more trends that we could we could find but these are the ones that come to bubble up to be the top four and it's not a scientific process just a reminder to everybody that these are we're flipping articles that are of interest to us as instructional designers and educational technologists. We assume that they are because they're of interest to us. We assume that they are of interest to you. Dear listener as well But it is very much a kind of personal preference on our part. So here's what we personally preferred in the past two weeks number one hardware and software. This is almost constant peres. Were the trending right. And so we see a lot of hardware software announcements and some of them are critically important to us as professionals what we saw in the past two weeks The lennox the latest version is five. Point one three with support for 'em one max. I'm embarrassed to say that. I have no idea. What am one max refers to. I guess i. I have some idea that this is important. To a number of people amazon echo reading sidekick feature this a new feature. that's been released. That helps people practice they're reading at different levels..

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