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So yeah i mean. I was doing groucho and are you are sure sure. And and and the like you know and First impression i ever did. I guess was the high school football coach who had a very distinctive walk and meaner and Turns out he was not a fan. I found out an unfortunate way as i was gathered with some friends school pals in the quad at lunch and someone came up from behind me and got me into a headlock and It was the coach. Any whispered in my ear. I heard about it and i don't think it's funny. I remember as i was passing out. I thought i could probably learn how to do marlon brando. Much safer yeah. What are the chances that fed folks in get the headline and and the funny thing is like every single impression is basically was and if your waiter was james cagney might go why this. Yeah i even tried to personalise all of that from the very beginning which then eventually became stories of working with these people so like when i would tell a story of working on a few good men i would tell where my mom came to visit the set and ended up hitting on jack. Nicholson and then. I would impersonate. Nicholson within the story. So but even from the beginning. I told a to story. When i was a waiter and the cook would screw up the order for most waiters. That's a nightmare. There goes your tip get for me was a golden opportunity to launch and tune impression. Be it peter. Fog out geez. I'm sorry could you ask for rice. Why do you have a baked potato. This makes no sense and and the tip went through the roof. So when i started doing impressions i would draw from personal experiences when i found times to hide behind voices. That helped me you life. And i should tell the audience who isn't seeing you. Yeah that you're doing. An imitation also appeared false glass. That's the part. Yeah so he had a. He was very open about having glass. I was in a car accident when he was three years old and had a glass eye from the age of three. And so when i started doing it and i saw him tell stories about that on the tonight show. I thought well. I i should train my figure out how to move just one. I and i saw bancroft in a close up. Shot in a mel brooks film. Her husband Oh it's an silent movie. Yeah where she. She crosses her eyes and then on crosses them and crosses them and and she moves one. I could do it again on the zoom and your audience won't see it so i thought if i could just isolate one half of that. Then it'll be just one. I moving back and forth and i sorta figured it out. Yeah i remember one of the stories. Peter falk told he was playing literally at age. Twelve slid into second base. The called him out a took out zayn handed it to him and said you clearly need this more than i do and i thought that's the hip is twelve year old. That's ever lived. So when i when yeah so it it. It became a great thrill. When i did do the tonight show to sit next to the king carson and do appear fault because i knew he loved peter falk and i took advantage of that and he flipped out at the one i moving. That was the thing that completely fritz. Great and then. He asked me to teach them how to do it the next time on. And then here's a brilliant about carson. That i'm convinced. He had the same Something similar with a lot of the gas. So your backstage. You're about to go on. You hear the band playing down and and from commercial and you hear johnny introduce you you know. It's one of the most nerve wracking. Six minutes of your entire life. Let alone that year. And every time after that second appearance when i taught him how to do the peter falk guy and the announcement please welcome. He's in front of the show. He's been on before actor comedian. Kevin pollack and i would come out and wave dog and sit but there was a three seconds or less where you would pass in front of him. He would stand thrown waiting futile arrive. And you would as you're in the motion of sitting to his right. You would pass in front of him with your back to the audience for a nanosecond to shake his hand. What have you but in that nanosecond religiously. After the second appearance for another twelve doesn't have he would lean over move. One i can say excuse me. I hate the body. The genius of that is in the most nerve wracking six minutes of the year. We have an inside joke. Have a seat you know that. Sort of calming effect of that No matter how. You nervous or in my head. I might have been the moment he did that. It was oh. I belong here and as i'm sitting down. This is all playing out right. Every time. And i i know he must have had something like that with guests that he that he liked. He had that ability to put people at his own. And then fox you run into him in a supermarket one day and rouse in los angeles about six months after after that first of that that appearance rather where i i did the peter falk. Johnny flipped out i did. I was accosted by peter falk in the produce section and he is literally stopped me and said how do you do that with your. I know me i understand. But how do you do. He was tickled and also genuinely curious. He wanted me to teach him at do very surreal. And we we. We were friendly in the sense. That any time i would see him thereafter. He just got such a kick out of me. You know just the monkey who impersonates him. I guess but you really did get a kick out to his credit. He had a sense of humor about it. Oh boy we will return to gilbert godfrey jr amazing colossal podcast after this. Hey listeners we wanna sing the praises of one of our most responsible sponsors on this podcast and that is once again. 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