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Debrincat forest, right? Amanda, Cam ward. Nick, schmaltz Duncan, Keith Jonathan tapes. Patrick kane. For an intermission update on Blackhawks radio. Here's Chris Boden. Goodness is the Blackhawks rallied from two nothing down to tie it to the bad news is they then gave up a pair of goals and are trailing the Florida Panthers. Four two after forty minutes of play as we welcome you to second period. Hawks central elsewhere in the NHL the evening. A handful of other games right now. All in the second period. Winnipeg leads Saint Louis forty two Patrick line. He has a pair of goals for the jets. Also in the second. It's Boston leading Montreal to nothing and original six matchup buffalo seeking its ninth consecutive win. Now tied at Detroit at one in the second Jeff Skinner scored his twelve th goal in the last twelve games eighteenth on the air, Pittsburgh is leading Columbus. Three to two. Jake gunslinger pair of goals for the pens. Islanders with a three nothing lead on Carolina in the second while Toronto heaven fun was Philadelphia five nothing Andreas Johansson had a hattrick in the first twelve and a half minutes more than doubling his season goal total. He goes from to. Two two five earlier this afternoon. It was Washington defeating the Rangers five to three defending champs have won six of their last seven Dallas in Colorado will drop the puck just after the top of the hour. NBA bulls in Minnesota taking on Derrick rose and the timber wolves trailing at thirty one to twenty six in the second quarter college football today. Northwestern one regular season family had a battle with the finding Alana but hang on twenty four sixteen at Ryan field next Saturday night in Indianapolis. They will face Ohio State in the big ten title game after the buckeyes just ripped through the number one defense in the nation belong to Michigan sixty two to thirty nine at the horseshoe. Alabama twelve in LA, they beat Auburn fifty two to twenty one USC with the early seven nothing. First quarter lead on Notre Dame out west Clemson living, South Carolina, twenty eight twenty one that's just before. Halftime. And in the NFL bears, of course off after their Thanksgiving Day win against Detroit. Their next action next Sunday night. Against the LA Rams at Soldier Field. But Viking safety Harrison Smith was fine. More than ten thousand dollars for his hit that injured Mitch Trubisky last Sunday night now for a check of the news headlines. So the WGN newsroom.

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