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On I was threatening to kill myself for us or whatever. If you didn't give it to me or something he just said. Used to be able to ruin my life, and now you can't ruin my lunch. And I was like Holy Shit. And the was up right because you. Couldn't do it anymore. Yeah. Why I was like I can't manipulate once I could manipulate people anymore and once everyone was over my bullshit was like I'm done I'm done with you at the bottom of the well I'm done clucking like you know I dotted together like you said. So I think that she needs to you know it could definitely be her live lies and relapsed I mean. I don't believe that he just used a couple of times. So three times a week that's bullshit. No, it's very unlikely. I think one of the biggest questions for Leslie is like what is her life like? Is it a satisfying relationship? Is it fun? Is Your Life? Good is a good time and you're just finding you know paraphernalia and seeing bruises and being suspicious. And it's like that if you're having a good time and you're having a fulfilling relationship. then. It shouldn't be hard to talk them into a treatment and if you're not, then he needs consequences. Agreed and you need like you need freedom to you know what I mean it's it's. Also wants you know you need trust you need trust you need to be able to. Come to go I fucked up and I need help like from the beginning not hide it and all she's GonNa leave me. It's like well, if she leaves you, it's the fucking. You know it's the consequences of your actions but like I just finally cut someone off where someone a friend of mine. who had been who's been relapsed saying relapsing relapsing relapsing and everyone else kinda cut him out of their life and he was a math head and then he shot dope and and basically overdosed died and was brought back to life the weekend and left it to me left it for me on a message. On a voicemail like totally nonchalant. So I'm alive come. You want I'm like are you getting the gravity this situation and then he called me I didn't return that call and it's really hard for me not to, and then he called me from this or and. I didn't return that call. He hasn't called me and it's like I can't watch it. I can't watch it and I feel like I'm in ebeling and I also feel like. Do something different like whatever you're doing is not working do something. Yeah and it's like you've never been rehab to fucking radio. Always, works had been seven fucking radio. It's like you know it's it's a move in the right direction is what it is. She also she's been with him for so long and it's like sometimes. We feel like we've invested so much and we don't want to leave what we've invested. But that time is already gone is called the sunk cost fallacy and it's like you know you have to really look at it in terms of how is it GonNa pay off in the future right? Right but the the only thing the other thing that I think is just really important and we can we can talk about it but it's like I was I listened to old episodes of dopey once in a while or segments of and I listened to the segment and it was me and Chris like laughing our asses off about something. And and then one day he overdosed and he's gone forever and that memory is there but he's gone and that day that he died anti anti actually his girlfriend just got engaged. To some. Somebody else and she's moving on, but she will carry finding Chris's body for the rest of her life and Leslie. Like avoid that, you do not want that moment that moment will. You'll. You'll. You'll live with that forever will star you forever. You will never fucking Garrett of that was like you know he might be the love of your life, but also like you have to look out and protect yourself. So it's like you can love him but you have to have boundaries needs to fucking clean. For like a chunk of time, he needs to get clean if she's going to be with him because obviously we know that not everybody needs to get clean and life she might need someone else and whatever like. Maybe. This is the universe I mean. Slug doesn't fix it. That's the fucking horrible part fiction. It just doesn't. Right right. But he can't get better and you need to fuck and protect yourself and that's our second ask amy question brutal email from Leslie Brutal I. Mean Just The box fucking Oh and the eye glass case. Can you imagine her house she felt? Has Terrible it's fucking. Also he's like denying it and it's like that's classic I. Mean You know using extra right liars I mean. What it's dislike I just she's gotTa look out for herself cannot save him. She cannot save him I also has to save himself and do you write in needs to have consequences you're right All right I mean I I mean listen you never know what's going to happen. That's just our opinion and I really appreciate Leslie like confiding this thing in us and in dopey and it means a lot to me. Anybody else you know advice I. Don't think we're particularly good about but dobie stories. SPURTS we're not experts except on like self-destruction. Unlike sea monkeys and you're pushing shit. Yeah things we hate and stuff like, yeah. Yeah. Shooting up in our feet or whatever. Yeah I. Exactly. But if you have a good fucking dopey store, you send it into dopey podcast at aiming it was a joy to have you back on the show like so fucking. So stoked to fuck in reclaim dopey dress title, and this was a lot of fun and connect with you again all thank you for having me. It is a pleasure. Thank you for common and we say stay strong dopey nation and fun. For Chris Amy Thank you. Thank you..

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