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How do is get more done and the pelicans? They snap a four game skid Last night, They beat the Kings and they went by 51 28, 1, 23 and parts is Ion, who was beast in Zion finishes with 31 points. What a season high made 13 field goals, six rebounds and two assists. Those ion flashing doing more sponsored by the Home Depot, all right, teak interior here CBS Sports radio, So we'll get into some of the coaching stuff, and some of the twists and turns that are They're coming, You know, Listen, the charges would stay elite. Not so much the lines with Campbell, but we will react to all the what we have so far will react to all of them. You know, in terms of the little completely reset, you know the urban Meyer Rob Salah stop, but at least give you a nice sense of our thoughts on what each organization did. And also take the two remaining jobs. And you know the big issue is. What do you do with the show Watson, which will dictate whether or not that's a good job or a horrendous job? I agree with you. It's a big because it without the showing Watson, you're basically starting over your expansion team. That's right, JJ Watt just not talking about trading or at least facilitating his request to be traded and get out of there, too. I mean, it's a completely different feels like rudderless. Organization right now, BT did you see this of this mean? That's going around with which which means this is it was Drew Brees. It wasn't a bad one was at the end of the game. You know, he's standing on the sideline with his helmet on talking to Jameson. Winston didn't see it and just from lip reading. It looks like he says, This is your team now. Well, it's it's a member. It's a Jiff. It's video of this video. Is the still shot. No, no, I mean well, whatever it is, is it, okay? That's why I said, Yeah, okay, it just it just loops. It really just a little a little looped up. Yeah, He's just He's just pointed Davis West, and it looks like he's saying, this is your team that which is what we've been speculating about for a long time. I wonder if he said that you know, when he first got hurt this your team now and then Taysom Hill got the football. That's good boy. That's a good point out, but this was this was right after the game was over. First thing I did not See that I'm going to look for it during the next break US entity? Yes. Send it over. I'll definitely check it out. But right now we check out a little inbounds out of bounds. Ready to roll? Yeah, let's do it Hit it..

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