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Seniors in the Seattle area. My name is Lester. Fuck is it? I am care coordinator asked Neighbors House and originally from each okay. Mr Fakir manages the care for seniors like House Hydra. Who initially struggle to navigate the sign up process. Ah, but uncle but never really wanted that for myself. It was difficult to get the vaccine. I don't know where to go all the way to get it. She was able to help out around, get a shot at a nearby pop up clinic. Janice Taguchi, executive director of Neighborhood House, says their clients were also given early access to sign up for the mass vaccine site. That would definitely be an example of what worked. More of that would be great, she says. Doses should go directly to primary care doctors in non white communities and the state needs a centralized waiting list. So when vaccine is available, people aren't overlooked before we just go to the next round, which is gonna be kind of a mad dash that we ensure that there is equity and that the Smaller populations have access. The data from the Seattle area does show that overall communities of color are getting vaccinated at lower rates than whites, Public health director Patty Hayes says in part that reflects the lack of diversity in the health care workforce, the first group to get vaccinated, But early data from their mass vaccine sites show promise. They're twice as effective at getting black residents vaccinated. I can look at our data and I'm really pleased with where it's going. Right now. We're being transparent as to where we need to look and emphasize, so we always could do better. At least Seattle has this data. The CDC says. For about half of Americans who've been vaccinated, there is no race and ethnicity data. What does exist show just about 5% of doses have gone to black Americans and around 11% to Latinos. If we could, at least to skip the data that gives us a starting point, Dr Joya career Perry is with the we must count coalition, which has pushed for race and ethnicity data since the start of the pandemic. Moving around blindly trying to make decisions around where to send vaccine without having information. That's what kills communities who are not centered, Perry says. Unless there's pressure on states to collect this information, it won't happen. Biden administration is now calling on states to get more consistent data. Dr. Helene Gayle led a national Academies of Medicine Committee on vaccine equity, sometimes in the rush to get his many people vaccinated. We're not thinking about making sure that we're focusing on the people who are at greatest risk, but Gil says there's still plenty of time for a coordinated national strategy to turn this around. For NPR News. I'm will stone today In Florida Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill that would repeal a law often called Stand your Ground. It's a measure that allows people to use deadly force when acting in self defense. The law is controversial. But in the 16 years since Florida past it Stand. Your ground has been adopted by most U. S. States. NPR's Greg Allen reports. Democrats have attempted to repeal or modify Florida Standard ground statute nearly every year since 2012 that was the year neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman confronted then shot and killed. Teenager Trayvon Martin has returned home from a gas station. Jury determined Zimmerman acted in self defense and acquitted him, sparking a national outcry. Cheryl Anderson's with Florida Moms Demand action A group fighting to stop gun violence. Stand your ground. Must end. For two young men forever 17. Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin, whose birthdays are this month, Jordan Davis and African American Like Trayvon. Martin was shot and killed by a white man in a dispute over loud music stand. Your ground was sided, but his assailant was convicted of murder. Chevron Jones, a Democratic state senator, says stand your ground laws make communities less safe. We know for a fact stand your ground, promotes the gigantism and allows people to shoot first. Acts questions later. But more importantly, Put black people And other people of color and the greater risk of gun violence in states with stand your ground laws and analysis of FBI data found when the gunman is white, and the victim is black homicides are five times more likely to be deemed justified then when the situation is reversed. After Florida passed the first standard ground law in 2005. Robin Thomas, with the Giffords Law Center to prevent Gun violence, says many other states followed suit, largely because of intense lobbying by the National Rifle Association. These laws just past sort of methodically, particularly in Red states State by state by state. Over the course of about 10 years, 27 States now have stand your ground laws, high profile cases like those involving Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. Helped build opposition to stand your ground laws. But so far no state has repealed its version in Florida. Even the sponsor of the repeal measure, Senator Jones is an optimistic has a chance in a chamber controlled by Republicans in Florida. We just have to continue making a noise on letting them know that we won't shut up feel these deals. Spokesperson for Florida's An.

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