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And if i can hold as a teacher hold the logs still you have the ability to step out there and just begin that feeling process of a surface unlike anything else i've ever tried can us was maybe you're dumb question how do you get on a log there are a number of ways um at middlebury college because we're in a fourfoot part of the pool i sit on the deck and i hold a lot i use my hands and my legs to hold the log still and you just have a person step from the pool deck onto the log being very clear that they don't step back to the wall the next step is the water you know so you step out from the pool deck onto the log you walk out a safe distance and you give it a try you only have to have two feet of water as long as the log does not bought them out it's a good place to rule good police the rules and what is the objective to rowley other guy off like you if you have two evenly matched people are you trying to you actually trying to roll it so that the other person falls that's right on if you know what you're doing you are actually you go from as a beginner just trying to maintain your balance to actually being able to move the log the way you want to by using your balance nubian ofensive log ruler yes and then some some of us i to kick water inaugu deuces where is is low although that is a is a round upon it's a it is actually you can do that that's completely legal in a competition was james fond of that technique.

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