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Cleopatra's. There's own fleet approached the Malay from afar my goddess spoke rises on the horizon. DO VISORS GIVE clarity. Who is burning Octavian in or Antony both sides where Roman colors and both sides take fire? The line is breaking in our direction. I believe Octavian has triumphed on this this day but Evelyn caught us. What shall we do damned food signal to him? We make a retreat. This will have have to be a ground war true. That will be achievable. I will not let Alexandria stent unguarded as that Roman ingrate rapes her shores. Turn the fleet. Antony has failed us. We're Cleopatra was no fool fool she would not be making a romantic last stand with Antony on this day not when her true love of Alexandria still remained her grasp. Her support would have been useless anyway away. The military minded of Octavian was too great Anthony's fleet broke and he too fled toward Alexandria with Octavian hot on his tail when Cleopatra tre reach her home the realization dawned this would have to be her final bastion truly accurate records breakdown here with multiple variations on the same basic a history Cleopatra along with her two handmaidens. Iris and Charmian took refuge inside of Cleopatra's giant monument to herself as Isis Day barred Lorde the doors behind them. Smart as Cleopatra realized that whichever Roman man reached her first Octavian or Antony neither would be pleased with her. At the moment it was true Antony was devastated at her abandonment but he had bigger problems when he reached dry land he could not rally his remaining troops to his cause on August first thirty. BC Anthony's army deserted him and joined up with Octavian Antony arrived at Cleopatra's figurative doorstep broken broken and alone. I know she awaits the end here. where else would she flea? She's used to fall. Her bodyguards led let me into destruction. where else could he go? Remi- any speak to me wealth boy seemingly the last true believer in Western civilization. I come with unfortunate news. She refuses to see me. Is that it. I give her an empire and she will let me rot on these part streets. I fear I fear the Pharaoh's dead. Impossible I fear she has passed from us. It is all gone gone. Can plutarch tells us that Antony then took a blade to himself in an attempted suicide. While again sources diverge plutarch's narrative continues tin us that even this could not kill Antony p lay in the street begging for death for anyone to finish the job when Cleopatra heard this still alive and well L. in her monument. She altered her plan. Perhaps a shred of love remained in her heart. Antony was brought before the still doomed Pharaoh as Octavian closed in on the city he was literally hauled up by ropes into an opening on the side of Cleopatra's monument. You you are too clever Isis Isis. Much too cool look at him. I get him water for the sake of Rome. Get me wine. The last cask belongs to you. You will not split it with me. I must keep my head for the false Caesar as I lay in the streets hurt his legions approach. I was almost thankful you're dead. Cleopatra you cannot allow him to capture you flee while you have the chance I will not leave my city to this barbarian varian. You're right about that. It'll be barbarous. He plans to parade you to the streets in a gilded cage. H He'll make you into the horror of Oliver home. He will settle for nothing less than your authored decimation. This you have heard the lips of my own soldiers before they deserted me. I thought he would go quickly Antony or better yet. Surrender yourself to the forgiveness of Octavian. We're all long past forgiveness. You know this here console Anthony Antony drink not Roman but it will do I clip outdrew leave. Children would live takes US Aryan. He has no story destiny before him. Now only a short one one if you truly care for your family Antony Antony my goddess he's gone rapid silk my goddess Octavian has breached Alexandria. What shall we do? I will see his face he will see mine. Octavian will see the woman who should have brought him low when Octavian arrived in Alexandria. He was led to Cleopatra's monument and found her and her handmaidens inside her own mausoleum. Halt fault all halt. It has been years. Never have I seen your face so close. What do you think overrated? Get to know me as your uncle did as Antony did you will come to realize that everything in life is overrated. Except for me enough. Your words are magic. No More Cleopatra the seventh fill out a tour you are now a prisoner room you sound more like an emperor by the day way better than some foolish power hungry girl. I am a giver of life. I doubt your manhood even prepared for such a task yet. Antagonize Haggen is as you please. I am stone to your fire already molded against you fitting you found me here in your grave. Oh now mm-hmm you will be coming with me room. I have your accommodations prepared. Have you heard gilded baas suited for the Queen of Kings. The people of Rome will welcome you into city limits this time with great fanfare and much Dong to be thrown. I would expect nothing better. From Romance Wants Good Fortune in your own future rule. I thank you for doing away with Antony. Saves me the trouble. His children will be taken. Care of by Octavia Avia a true mother. Not a false goddess. I I am grateful for that and Cesario Laurean the Little Caesar only a babe when I saw him last he is a strong boy. Intelligent I purge the week toll make blood I have given the world. A true leader. Do not forsake him. Yes well unfortunately. It's not good to have too many caesars bastard usurper. This is how you honor your adopted father. I- murdering his kin. I hear it is the Egyptian tradition. visit not men when God every portal in and out of here there are but three women. You should be capable enough cleopatra. I will return with your son's son's head and your magnificent prison. No you bastard. No Octavian had caught the greatest prize as of Egypt but even in victory. He made the same mistake. Many men made in dealing with Cleopatra while under guard the Romans allowed Iris and Charmian to leave and return with a basket of Figs Cleopatra of final meal in her beloved Alexandria when Octavian and his guards returned. They found the two handmaidens. It's passing into death and Cleopatra Far ahead of them for hidden in that basket was what was called at the time and ask now known as an Egyptian Cobra as she ate her final decadence Cleopatra had stretched out her arm and allowed herself to be bitten. The Queen of Kings went out on her own terms. She would would be caged by no Roman ever again. The Tragic Final Act of defiance and one that did little to save her plan legacy as Octavian promised Celerion was executed after serving the shortest reign of any soul Ptolemaic Pharaoh and the final one Egypt was absorbed by Octavian emerging empire and Western culture dominated the Middle East for years to come one has to wonder. Sometimes if Cleopatra acquired such a legendary rule without even achieving victory in her aims. How much more renown would she be? If she had overcome the Romans her battle to unify and consolidate power would have spelled out a very different kind of civilization with less division between East and West. While it's impossible to know if we would be better off. There is no denial of Cleopatra's ambition and her incredible ability to operate as a female political figure in a male dominated culture without a chance of her post Ptolemaic ideal. Cleopatra refused to be taken into the Western culture she he had long to overcome but the fact remains the ptolemies were doomed either way. Cleopatra Refuse to let their line be washed away she empowered herself and sacrificed suffice her entire life to create a new type of society. She became an ideological monument. A sign post in history marking the path forward guiding guiding the way to the future..

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