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There's an inkling or something to do you know as far as doing that But at the end of the day you make a great point we don't you know Bruce. This is perfectly right He. He's not gonNA vote himself in. You know if it was easy you know he'd already be in there and we all know what three world series and motivate five years. So you know he's going to get there you know. I went on a cruise with him. I don't really like him. Because he beat me at Ping Pong but other than that great manager was you know I blamed it on the high seas that but but you know again so I i. I just think you know when you get to the hall of fame or are you talking about the hall of fame boy a special special club that You know you're just happy to be in there and you know the great thing about it is once you get past your first. You know the induction weekend. Then you actually can go and have a good time. Oh that'd be great. Video told us that the other day that after the exactly it's easy and it's fun at. It's very comfortable at last one for you. You know you mentioned the the. The writers didn't vote for for you. That bothers me when I go back and I look at the voters didn't vote for Hake Aaron and Willie mays and Jackie Robinson and this year. We had one voter who didn't vote for Derek. Jeter I don't get it and I. It bothers me D. Does it do you care at all about that when you follow that we saw the was a few years ago? I think three or four writers didn't vote for Gingrich junior and I can't stand that well. That's because they WANNA be different. I guess you know I mean. How do you not vote for you? Know Dimaggio or I mean what didn't mind you have to get in the first year or something I'll come on you know. Yeah Right. Because he didn't stay married to Marilyn Monroe. I mean I don't know you know I don't look at that. I mean you know like I mentioned jobs inskeep name. I'm not even you know somebody said you must be in the top one hundred players and I said No. I didn't make the list and I but you know people all you didn't strike out enough guys You know I asked the An Analytical Writer in Baltimore a couple of years ago I said so I should be. You can get numbers is it. Good my strikeouts. Go Up with a runner at third in less than two outs you sit. Oh Yeah went up twenty one percent. I said well there you go so you know I mean you know and I read an article in espy nation. That I was lucky. Solid fame pitcher because my batting average on balls in play was to thirty nine for my career and you know and I had good defensive players so therefore I should be penalized but let me bottom. Line this for you. I was really fortunate to play with some of the greatest glares and then some of the greatest asks the reason famous. Because that's exactly what happened. You know I mean You know I had you know hall of fame manager Earl Weaver. Everybody says you know I mean I mean. I've been watching. Ken Burns some of the baseball. Don Boswell said I had complexes on top of complexes and whatever and I wouldn't have won fifty games without earl weaver. I won fifty games. I one hundred sixty eight games. 'cause I played with some of the best players ever and you can just go. Down listing some of them aren't even in the whole thing. You know the players the Mark Andrews with eight gold gloves. The you know the rich coggins who with two outs in the ninth inning. Mike Ferraro hits. The ball is going to hit the chalk. Line and and Rick and Richie sitting on the line or standing in line almost as straddle and catches the ball. Sure double. You know to nothing. Lead to outs in the ninth inning. And you know I'm waiting to come in and I said what were you doing? There racist played against guy last year. I knew he couldn't pull you. I knew what you would do. Well that's how you get to the holiday. I mean that's you just have players that come out of a great organization you WANNA win know how to win. No you have to do it together. And it's Kinda like we're GONNA do. Nineteen you know where we're not gonNA beat this by ourself. I didn't get the hall of fame by myself I I. My parents told me to sign with the Orioles because I could assign with any team of the year before the draft and it turned out. Well you're exactly right cool. Jim Stay safe as always amazed by your memory. I'm amazed by your knowledge and I appreciate the time. Well you're welcome. I made most of this stuff up muster. But maybe I'm not GonNa see I guess the big question will I see Arizona? Are we actually GONNA play any baseball at all this year? Hopefully that'll be a help. Anyway you.

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