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No, it's very fair and certainly the back injury, you know, I mean, like you said, I, I don't know how he was playing through that either. And you know, then is one of those things that you do have to keep in Miami. You don't just want to look at the numbers for these guys. You also want to apply some context to them and remember, you know, this guy was playing through this. This guy was playing through that. This guy had a Swiss cheese offense of wine. You know, all those things very important considerations win evaluating those skill position guys for an upcoming season. One more team to touch on here. Joe, the Tennessee titans. Mike Rabaul comes in, you know, we'll see how what kind of job he winds up doing. I certainly know that they have me enjoying Kerry Koumas down there with the DB's. But you know when it comes to this titans team, Joe, I so much talent so much talent. I just don't know when the total package comes together. That's exactly the problem. I've got. I this roster. I like what I'm seeing on defense is just they gotta banged up. Delauney walk right now for Chartres Matthews. Just got back from injury, but not sure where he is and Corey Davis barely played. There's a new offensive coordinator who I'm pretty excited about. I'm Matt leflore has some upside to him, but it's just it's a huge question Mark. And then the regression from Maryoto last season. The guys just even this preseason. I'm trying not to judge too much. 'cause he's not throwing his number one. So you give them an an out, but it just looks as second late recognizing the openings and despite the athlete is he is it's just that sense of timing that he's lacking and the the suspect accuracy. It's just it's gotta make you worry if you're the titans right now, he's strikes me as a quarterback just needs a whole lot around him to be working right if he wants success. So I. Mm, I think very worried about their offense, but watching on defense, it's kinda what she expected. There's a whole new attitude and especially some of the footage you see variable all padded up with the full arm attackers on d. line. And he's in there. I mean, bloody nose with the players. I think that that gets defenses just wanting to play harder for you. So I think there's definitely an attitude in the building that's new and like you kind of expected it, but the addition to herald Landry or honor Landry, Vince young call him at the draft that that Landry could. He's going to be a player. I mean, and he's gonna fit right in with what they do. I think they with him and we're Shaun Evans from Alabama. They just got a whole lot better at linebacker. Evans hasn't really played. I think he's I get what it is the hamstring or something that's slowing him down right now. But even if he doesn't get in there, that Jay on Brown, they took from UCLA. A in last year's draft has come along so much that I if I was Wesley Woodyard I'd be I'd be worried about my lofty contract that they wouldn't just go with Brown Evans in the future. But I like whether at linebacker, I think this is pretty much all star secondary, even with losing John Ciprian. I think they slide Kenny Vaccaro who was just on his couch waiting for a call these next to Kevin buyer who's an all pro. They've got those two New England corners. Malcolm Butler and Logan, Ryan. I then it Dorie Jackson in the slot that with his talent. I think this, I love that secondary group. I think the front seven coming along with that whole, you know, just I, I hate to use it again, but they're just it's, it's a nasty group. You can tell, and it's something that just wasn't there on defense last year. So I, you know, maybe it won't come to for wish, and but if there's something I'm all about this year, I'm looking at some titans unders. Rabl keep things close. He wants to run the ball. They've got that old line and I'm I'm very skeptical on mariota's development. So I'm feeling some low scores and Tennessee if they want to at least try and make it to the postseason. Lot of brilliant insights there on the NFL from Joe Everett of NFL draft bible Jobe going on the bible right now. Up getting the game..

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