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So it'll be that floppy stuff too. Yeah. So tell us what what what jumped out at you for the independent spirit awards jumped out at me. First of all was that the spirit awards realized that women made movies is great. I mean, we keep talking about can you ever? Forgive me. That's Marielle Heller. We should mention the director. She was not nominated the Oscars, but her films, certainly have many things and she's one of the best filmmakers working right now. And for best director. I'll just say, okay. So three of the five directors nominated the spirit awards are women. Debra Granik for leave. No trace that was one of my favorite films tamra Jenkins for private life and Lynne Ramsay for. You're never really here. And it was just really nice. They're nine alongside Barry Jenkins for if Beale street could talk and Paul Schrader for first reformed and other my favorite films the year. So I just I think overall just a much stronger assemblage, I don't personally for me. And you were saying these Academy Awards are cabbie ward weekend. So it's on the twenty third. Saturday right before the Sunday. So it's February twenty six so you can have your your your your checklist. And then you also have your prepare for the elections and see what who you're gonna vote for. I know it's boom, boom, boom spirit awards Oscars elections. Yes. I mean about and best feature my favorite film. The eighth grade. That's up for best feature along with first reformed. If Beale street could talk I keep forgetting that doesn't have a best picture nomination. The Oscars about a dozen leave. No trace, and you're never really here. Yeah. So I mean, there's a lot of really good. And then this film called the tail this people keep not seeing this as a film, but it was it premiered at Sundance, but HBO is really the one that's been distributing it. So you can see on there. But it's by Jennifer, FOX incredible movie. Laura Dern the star of it. You should check this out. Laura Dern, it's incredible. And it's the filmmakers going back to this relationship. She had as young girl this much older, man. And she starts realize my gosh, this guy took advantage of me. And I wasn't aware of it until I was in my middle age like looking back on things, and it just shows how you know, the the the human mind the way we try to contextualized trauma. It's a very complex thing. Sometimes it'll take decades fairly start dealing with it. But it's a filmmaker is about her life. She's actually grappling with it an inviting you to be part of the journey, and it's incredible detail. Tale is forced me to watch the tape. Laura Dern love can't miss. Let me let me interrupt this conversation to welcome to the conversation. One of our favorite listeners. It's trucker ridge. Hey, Patty, how you guys doing tonight? Very well. How's it where you are? I take off my start out by thirty nine. West of Chicago there. It was sloppy snow covered with real big wet snowflakes sawed eighty eight. Fifty five or doesn't get in by a world. Eric. Uh? Split. It just turned into rain, and it's just been posted speed limit ever since I'm over by sixty five and Indiana and also. Sean about thirty six degrees and a Hammam so badly. Are you worried going cold? It'll be a nice day. I was gonna say if it gets colder, then you have to worry about that ice, those icy roads and black is in particular. I'm guessing for you allow the problems that are the hesitant drivers. Is that continue to be is that one of the issues you have? What was that? I missed that. I'm hesitant drivers. You know, the folks who kinda like, oh, maybe realize they're overestimating their abilities to handle the weather, and then make choices that might put you in danger. I always leave a little bit of actual mom like my wife says I drive like a grandpa. Got enough miles under my belt. I haven't well. I'm not gonna say the word. I haven't had an accident. Over thirty five years, and that one wasn't my fault. So that at all, I just take my time. Best direct record. Yeah. I got juice aims you'll never fly faster than your guardian angel can fly. Get their billion times by going. Folderols? It takes is one time try to get there too fast. So at all. A rich. I have an announcement to make that I found out earlier today. I don't know that if you if you are on social media at all, but Dr dingman is going to be in the area on on Valentine's Day. I don't know if that's something you'll be able to do, but he's going to be at the comedy shrine in Aurora on Valentine's Day, and I'll be appearing with him that night. Support that a weekday or Thursday. I'm sorry. It's a Thursday. I know. I'll tell you. I'll try and get some video of that as well concern that he'll have. All right. And. Hi. Yep. Story with Dr digman. That's right. And he'll be now I booked him today since he's doing his appearance. He asked to be booked on show for next Wednesday for sure so he's in the books. I can I can take a photo and show you that. I wrote them down. Oh, I totally trust. You. You're my co driver. So I gotta trust you. I will. I appreciate that. I I'll try I'll tell you do my best, sir. Okay. You take care. And if you're worried about you, you've always asked about like Bassim talks when the war, spray and stuff. Yeah. In the wintertime, you'll want it to be spraying if they're spray. That means there's noise, right? That's true. It's mushy that makes sense. Look, look, shiny. And there's no little water coming up for tires from cars or trucks around you. Then that might be ice. So be careful. Well, thank you so much. I'm going to try to keep it on the road and keep listening to you. Appreciate that. We will talk to you later took rich. We were talking earlier about Sam Elliott and the three one two says as a huge Sam Elliott fan. I just wanted to weigh in Patty that you must must watch last year's movie hero starring Sam. He also an has an interesting movie coming out in a couple of weeks called the man who killed Hitler. And then killed Big Ben the big foot, wait a minute way. Big like like the Batman th that's all one title. That's the whole title. So it could just be a big gimmick. But I mean, how can you resist a film of that title in San Elliott starring I don't think you should know. I don't think it's I don't think humanly possible Tom Izzo. You're familiar with this. I'm just so in on this like, that's that's put all your chips on the man who killed Hitler. And then the big foot big foot. Big of that before we go to the break. I do want to say we haven't had a chance to to revisit this conversation. Because Elliott Toronto has not joined us now Elliott Serrano got no argument with sue the t Rex from the museum of the field museum. Oh, yeah. No argument with the t t Rex because sue contends that Indiana Jones was not a good archaeologist that he was just a grave robber and didn't kill Hitler. When he had a chance. Interesting. So even thought of it that way, there's a whole thread between Elliot and see the t Rex and actually then he came on the air. And and she did not engage. I don't know if the. Perhaps just the the the Twitter is the her place of of communication, but Indiana Jones. He's just Marvin museum curator. That's this blog. Museum. That's it. That's a good point. Yeah. He's very good at avoiding poisonous darts and rolling boulders. I guess absolutely. And he should have stayed with Karen Allen from the first my half degree with them. I have been a recurring character and all the movie as a kid who up as brunette and boys always like the blondes when the temple of doom came, and I'm like, really, I know I was so bummed because it will cause Karen Allen was kind of a tomboy too. I know she's so passing. Yeah. So poor Kate Capshaw sale that horrible role but Spielberg Lecter well enough to marry her. They're still together. So the happy ending offscreen, Amy Irving the brunette. I love Amy K before we again. Okay. One more thing. Because now have you ever seen the movie crossing Delancey? Now, this is I think you I want I wonder if you so my husband when when we started dating there were like movies that I was required to watch kind of every couple has. Yeah. I don't know. I didn't have any for him. I would have to ask him. If I if there are any that I made him watch. But crossing Delancey was one of them. It is it's a really sweet movie. It's Paul and Amy Irving. Oh, yeah. And Amy Irving say her mother plays like, I'm Jewish matchmaker. So it's it's it's a sweet little movie you have to see thirteen conversations about one thing. Okay. Starring Amy Irving and Alan Arkin to hear people fence around my favorite movies. All right done. Yes. Okay. Then here's another one. Yes. Also, my husband apparently big Paul Rieger fan. Which is local hero with Burt. Lancaster? Oh, yes. I think I might have seen this one by the way, Paul by the way, speaking. Because I think it takes place in either Wales or Scotland Tom programming note for tomorrow night. I probably need to let engineering know this. I think we're gonna have a Scottish pipe band. Studio O tuning in. But we don't need the performance base. But we probably need to set up a couple of microphones for them. Right. Yes. Okay. So let's let's Email somebody 'cause I just found out today. We're gonna have some folks in talk about Robert burns, and how we can raise a toast Rabbie burns. So we've got the piping Bantu beds. Incredible. Let's take a break here. And and we will round out the evening with a I'm trying to say, Tom. What do you think? Do you want to do? Tell me something good or what we meant to get to some of these stories. I feel like tonight's a T V what I meant to get to. Yeah. We'll talk some of these stories stories. All right where we come back on seven twenty WGN. Bozeman.

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