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Coming fast. Well how about next week. When i'm away task force there were those big. You remember that. I remember it well. And then this past weekend there was a basketball game against coronado high and visiting team. Orange glen high both san diego area schools coronado high mostly white orange glen mostly latino and coronado ended up winning in overtime and after the game. Their coach j. de la perry was heard yelling. Expletives at the orange glen coach saying get your kids the f. outta here while at least two of the coronado students through tortillas tia's towards that other moons right unbelievable now the latest in that coach. Luke perry is without a job the coronado unified school. Board voted to release them but they took no action against any students. So in a statement. Jd larry the former coach says those actions were unacceptable and racist nature. He doesn't condone that behavior. And meanwhile escondido superintendent they want to bring these students from both teams together face to face to confront each other and have a sincere discussion and also share some sincere apologies so that was making big headlines everywhere. That's what's happening from this. Show the winner of the playoff round for the he show freak of the week month of june representing the month of june twenty twenty one was nominee number one. These sex with bugs author. James absolute shock. No shots i know. How thank you for your boats. Everybody it wasn't even close by the way. I'm sure that's was nominee number three. That was the the grandpa won. Grandpa looking for balance jason. But he's looking very strong in the playoffs. Going real deep with words Checking in on the tech over the to to ninety seven from the six zero nine morning. Show i don't like to get these. This is my last day being able to listen to you in the morning as i started a new job where the radio will not be part of my day. It's called bluetooth ear. Bud light guys will miss you. Try to catch a podcast once in a while scion listening diane listening in morristown new jersey outside of philly always available cast everyday girl. I hate those tax because like you get into. It's your heart is to break into somebody's routine as a show. You know what i mean. 'cause i got their thing and a lot of times like I know especially in you know cities or places that were new. There are shows that maybe you listen to before and yeah okay. So you've checked to show out and people don't like change so they listened to show and they had their favorites right But to be part of that routine even that they're checking it out every once in awhile eventually. I wanna take more and more of that time. That's that's what we aim for. That's our job right. Is it you to listen more right. I hate it when it goes the opposite way where it's like. Oh well now. My whole routine changes. I don't even. I'm not even in the car or whatever in the morning. So i miss your show. Yeah you on the podcast. And that's that's great you know. The podcast doesn't count towards ratings though. Which that's the stuff that you know you can have a billion downloads on a podcast. But like you know if they're not listening to the station or streaming. The station live currently. Yeah one day it'll be painted. Upbeat said there. Are these very small bluetooth. Earbuds there you can get them flesh. Colored having impact hearing eight. Yeah you're on your head to hide them and just say you had some sort of injury. Hello i love your show. Live in arizona. And i'm in philadelphia right now so to woody show hot spots. I want to know how to be featured in a segment i fall. What kind of feature like the week redneck news in bachelors. There anyway be maybe wants to fight. The price is right. Or you know something like that. Much love to show you can call me. Dad joke we do. We have topics to jail. Somehow we might be able to feature rugs sort nunchucks. Ram that curcumin. Nice jimmy reporting and checking in from mesa arizona. Bobby bobby from jimmy robbins. Now that other guy could get a pet raccoon. And then you get stuck in the chimney trying to chase after the news ninety. Thank you for those who have made us part of your routine if it's your first day punching around checking it out maybe somebody told show. Thank you for doing that and thank you for listening in giving us a chance. Hopefully we We continue to grow on you. what is your having fun. I think people put too much thought sometimes in to Like somebody got upset Where was it. I forget where was anything but basically so somebody was upset that i said scissor sisters. Remember the dream pissed. Yeah with a girlfriend was mad at her girlfriend. Rut for dream. And i said it while. She was angry with her scissors sister because they they took. This is like some kind of like homophobic. You know whatever it. I'm like okay. Look Yeah maybe you're new you don't get the tone of the show. Were certainly not homophobic. Or you know anti lgbt. Most we lesbian show. I've ever heard. Do you know how hard it would be for greg to work here if we if we really hated gay people as much as you think that we do. So yeah so it's like you know what is here but having fun is politically incorr- in insensitivity training for a politically correct world. Yeah just Many people questioning on the show. I know but that's what i'm saying is when you listen. This is supposed to just be kind of like. Hang with your friends and just kind of fun. You know casual conversation. I wouldn't really be digging too deep and trying to find meaning behind you know a lot of what's going on you're gonna get it just meant to be To be personality problems and find your to their friends about them at therre validation in life. Yeah true thought of it that way sea bass. It's not only that we don't dislike lesbians. We almost borderline worship them. Even greg as a gay man loves lesbian unhealthy absorbs them like too much. I'd say it's healthy. I agree. I do hate that When people say oh well. I have gay friends although like you said we. If it wasn't for greg working on this show was like. Oh i have a gay friend named greg You know that'd be different. But like i think it'd be very difficult for greg. He's very sensitive person to work if we were the huge flaming homophobes that you think we are so. Don't worry about it. it's all good. Probably it's august and i know that you guys see really want me so sure. How all these sea bass does have a lot of repression right there. Fans dot com slash. You can always leave us some feedback on the first impression. That number's eight three three join fund. That's eight three three. Join fontelles's would you like about the show which don't like about the show what you wanna hear more or less of and most importantly do you feel like you are. Someone who going forward will identify someone who is all in or all out with the woody show going forward. Leave it all fours there on the first impression hotline eight three three. Join fun if you want to participate in the show. Do that feature. So you were. Your email is part of it..

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