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And heading towards the biggest game of the NBA's Christmas day lineup warriors head coach Steve Kerr wax on where his team is before the big game. I don't think we've played great basketball for a while. I think we started out really well ten and one whatever it was in the last five six weeks we've been through an awful lot of injuries with just trying to find a rhythm. Find a chemistry in a groove with the new groups. So we put on the floor. So to not be there yet. But to still have the record that we do I think we're in a good position. And I think we're going to get a lot better the warriors in the Lakers face off at five on Christmas day from oracle arena. Which means LeBron James is in town James is currently doing damage control for quoting a song lyric on his Instagram from the song ASM are by twenty one savage. The quote was getting that Jewish money. Everything is kosher which James's claiming he did not understand the context of Jay. Gave a statement to ESPN which reads apologies for sure if I offended anyone. That's not why chose to share that lyric. I always post lyrics. That's what I do. I ride in my car. I listen to great music, and that was the byproduct of it. So I actually thought it was a compliment. And obviously it wasn't through the lens of a lot of people. My apologies. It definitely was not the intent obviously to hurt anyone out of the NFL. There is much speculation that the jets will be making a run at Jim Harbaugh to be their next head coach. But the jets have released a statement this morning that reads Todd Bowles is our head coach. There is no truth to the report of our interest in Jim Harbaugh to which I retorted. That's what teams always say in raining, MLS champions Atlanta United of hired Frank de Boer is their new head coach this after former Atlanta head coach Tom Martino vacated the seat for what is believed to be a high profile national team job Deboer was a star player for I acts in the Netherlands, and he has coached previously at Inter Milan and Crystal Palace. Ted Ramey was sports at fifteen and forty five on all news one. Oh, six nine and AM. Seven forty KCBS once upon.

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