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All right and the next time out mall brings up the fact that malcolm butler miss the team playing that week of we will remind within the off it'll with the flow the night football that flight nothing to do with his election whatever which molly wants to intimate all the time let me ask you this question call too because i gotta get ready to go does it come down to this do you believe that tom brady is seriously contemplating not playing for the twenty eighth because of the play doesn't just hurt bill in the patriots he hurts robert kraft i believe he's exercising whatever paulie he can't bella check out the door and i'm believe that crap is halfway anyway because of what he did to malcolm butler active coupable smearing him in the pratt all about we'd use and altercations with coaches and late for meetings that all the garbage which all of his teammates were muted when they came to support on social media so i think that picked off crap on a one of the super bowl picked up crafts brady's trying to move on out and i remember one thing we even have nfl analyst some of who were network these patriots that have spoken out and support of malcolm butler they would flabbergasted as to why malcolm butler didn't play in the super bowl so this is uncharted territory as far as i'm concerned will bill belichick is because conserve because i've never heard so many people speak against a decision bill belichick as made the way they spoke against his malcolm butler decision and pulled all of them for doing so espn i'll cry the line to really re reiterate a risk that was all that contact that they had three years ago into placate 'cause i think somebody might be willing to open up and actually point the finger work should have been.

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