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The new orleans saints eightman he'll he'll provide a lot of energy for them they want to ten from the jets right jets meanwhile we haven't said anything though about muhammad wilkerson we should get back to sue but mohammed wilkerson in green bay his thing we'll finally the packers are actually being active in free agency which ted thompson their gm you know that was kind of against his whole philosophy but they have a new guy in there and he is being very active and obviously cutting jared jordy nelson who that is a fan favourite and aaron rodgers favorites but mo wilkerson on a one year deal five million dollars so this is a reset for him he's going to a very familiar face he's only see mike pence he's going to know exactly what the defenses are how to take advantage of you put keep saying leonard williams need somebody next door how 'bout imagining clay matthews being able to be one on one against your right tackle a left tackle as muhammad wilkerson prefers to play that light that left the and then you had nick perry on the other side so this this is going to be a dangerous defense and i love the fact that kirk cousins wet because he thought he was going to win the super bowl he made that winning division because the packers are loaded up thank god he ended up in green bay give her this past issues not new orleans well it was good though because.

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