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The rich richer they were damn rich to begin with there not just the nba champions they're the three time in the last four year nba champion golden state warriors and they got to add wanted to twenty most talented players in a game for the mid level exception which is five point three million dollars by the way do you know how many players in the nba justice offseason i'm not asking you how many players make more than five three miles i'm talking about just guys who got new contracts this off season how many do you think got more than boogie cousins and tell me how many do you believe or better players than boogie cousins i will not go off the first couple chris paul forty billion prayer i'm gonna give it to you in forty in average per year okay not the total contracts i've got four years and four years can be better than a year which is all buggy signed war but bullying go back out on the free agent market again and that will change the number so i'm just going to give it to you what they average per year chris paul's new contract pays them forty million per year i don't know who's better over the course of the next four years but you want to give the nod decrease polisher you have to start the year engine that's not a problem forty years compared to five is a pretty big difference but no of them complain about chris paul making more than boogie cousins brian thirty eight point five million yeah paul george thirty four point two million you want to say paul george a better plan boogie cousins all right i'll sign up on that the durant guy yeah he's pretty good thirty point seven million only a two year deal nikolai yokich twenty nine point two million dollars is nikolai yokich better than boogie cousins i say no but even if you give now let's blow glaive boat and say he's better than boogie cousins okay that's five let me keep going aaron gordon signed for twenty one million to stay in orlando unsavoury i'm taking.

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