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I do think that sheree is the the proper choice. At least as an interim black panther if not the full on black panther. I kept thinking of her coming in is one of the new avengers if they're going to do if they're going to do a series or if they're going to be doing like or if they're going to be doing a movie about the new young avengers. Excuse me young avengers. I never saw her taking over like i did. At one point. See her taking over the role. The mantle possibly. But that's the thing is like. I can see you're taking over the role temporarily before somebody else comes to take over the role and she carves out her own niche Part of the mythology. Where it's like okay. we have the black panther. Yes but then there's other powerful hero who is and is is her own the and like that's just as powerful as having this other person be the full on black panther. Jake that makes sense. No no it makes sense. Jake what do you think suri do you think. Do you think Sherry or do you think someone else should should they should they. Should they go with a completely new actor to play the part of black panther. Like i mentioned i met john option. Be better nat. They say john. David washington is going to be the new black panther. Like they're going to do like what's that movie with fucking with. Marky mark with mark wahlberg invincible. Where he fucking tries out for like the the philadelphia. What was that team. That football team philadelphia eagles. Fucking dick for meal calistoga native coach. Yeah it's they're fucking they're holding fucking their whole team so shitty. There's going to have any average joe. Try out for the team and they find out this. One guy is really fucked. You know. it's like do. They had ernie comic counterpart to that. That's a that's a great question. Neil one of my favorite one of my favorite things about comic book movie sequels is that you get a jump right into it. You get a skip the origin. Everyone knows all that meat. And you just have fun comic book day here. Yeah but i think it makes it even rougher if you're introducing a whole brand new character if you're taking an established character and giving him the mantle of the black panther than i like that a lot more than we've got to introduce a whole brand new guy then why if we them baka become black panther in that i like more than the guy. He's not even part of the condon's he's not well. Kind of part of isn't part of kanda. Just just like their own little set that they are in the ills. Okay all right. He knows about the technology. It's kind is doing that character. Okay he and he went to. He was part of the challenge. Black panther movie too. He was eligible to challenge vets true. I didn't even think of that. Yeah and i love. Winston doke guy is fucking fantastic. He's great i. Yeah yeah yeah. Well that means fucking daniel kuya kaluga kaluga..

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