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Listen from inside the Mercedes AMG man cave Mercedes AMG driving performance he is actor comedian and all round good guy and sailor and the fridge used on you know thirty years ago today send men joined Saturday Night Live and I go was that a positive experience for like do we want to bring up something like that it started well send men joins us now hi where are you right now I made my case okay what what do you mean why wouldn't it be a plus it was great and I didn't know this thirty years I think she's making this up because it's June and Saturday Night Live lean on and you so how did that happen receipt I was looking at it on this date in history type site and it's a June twenty second nineteen ninety Adam Sandler debuts as a satellite weather was either debut or he was officially hired however you want to read it that's what to do right I don't think so because I got hired me and I got to see what I think my cruise season I only did like eleven show all of you know what then just you know go back to bed will call you in November when it is the second I'm gonna make something up so that we can get said you were looking for aghast and now I got it Semien a bail us out we don't have anybody coming on to yeah you you were convincing I will tell you you know what today is maybe this is what it said it's my anniversary but you haven't been married thirty years I don't know what a thirty game and maybe maybe thirty years ago I sent someone a I'm going to get but happy anniversary to my wife and she could she have we're gonna help on what really yes yes she said that we can your your your what we gotta do tonight we're looking for not keeping the sunglasses on her too I think discussing right now do you know what happened why you with those that's how we would the swollen ma'am you don't need to see that I just woke up let's see what I know and I by the way who was the baby in the front you guys soon been a little but I saw a nice little baby who had the baby somebody a listener sent out in hello baby yeah yeah see you have a question I have maybe this is what Todd is is getting mixed up on this is actually the one year anniversary of Adam playing the Hershey giant center that he did last year what we're getting that's a minute I must have read that along all but but if it was thirty years of age I I I I three and I started when I was twenty three so the thirty years ago on SNL thing makes sense I just don't know if it's June twenty second who happened how did you how do you get discovered to get the audition and Saturday Night Live that was I was stand up Dennis Miller was a great man he said I was he thought I was pretty funny he he alerted SNL grass to come see me and then me and I Chris rock and a few other great comedians went to Chicago and underage I just saw a story with you and Chris rock were walking along the beach in Malibu and they described what you had on I think it was and I know you love the paparazzi when they follow you like that but can you explain why you and Chris rock were walking on the beach it was at hand in hand we were just reminiscing about grown ups and how you stole the now you and Chris rocker walking along the beach in Malibu why yes okay so Chris is staying down the street we we rarely had moments like this where we can see sitting not work so we were so we called each other up and said let's meet on the beach here while we've been taking walks together and enjoy each other's company and we didn't know somebody but Chris did look good answer and I will look good in the group that slightly too small comedians in flip flops taking walks I do not show Netflix is going to green light that said Matt what are your buddy yes I I you know by the way I was on the downhill side so looks like you can call it that bothers you doesn't it sure I think you know all the guys that you hang out with I've never seen rock play basketball can rock play at all rocked by the way Chris has been working out of so it looks different he's got like bigger arms he looks like he's taking it serious I never seen rock cared this much about his body I think he got to an age where you said I want to live and he's been eating eating better and and hitting the gym you stumble Spector I said he's got biceps I never saw them so but it's so I'm sure who is who goes a jump no that's not true I've never seen rock play and you've never talked about Chris rock's basketball he doesn't doesn't play a lot when he plays she we're talking Adam Sandler something happened thirty years ago we're not sure Paul S. what what Paul Adam I I have here that you were hired to be a writer in November of nineteen ninety and then a couple months later you made your first appearance in in deficit exactly but spring of ninety one does that sound right so I think I was I got out of here as a writer and and they said they're gonna put me on a or two and then I started writing skits and then my first on air was Tom Hanks show and I played I played I mean I think this is my first one of five I played an Israeli guy on the cypress I got it December eighth nineteen ninety Adam Sandler appears in the cyber sketch with Tom Hanks Uniper cal as musical guest wow that's amazing yes I think that's true so it's got nothing to do with June twenty second June twenty second is my marriage we got married on June twenty second at Dick Clark's estate in Malibu and that was pretty great who showed up at your wedding Tom Petty Kate said to the Tom Petty that and I got in a car accident on the PCH and came to my wedding used all also heating company you're betting sure invited him I don't want to put pressure on companies to show up but Rodney Dangerfield okay so my wife and my father was on course a very sick at my wedding he had cancer and Rodney showed up and my father was in the bill we were hanging out together that seems dealing with the chemo and all that and my father came in I mean Robbie came in and those where's the darn darn so weekly SO Tom Petty gets in a car accident right down the street he doesn't know that you live there he just seeking help so he knocks on the door I think you know was right by Dick Clark's with the place we.

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