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WB ap dot com. Okay, thank you very queer. Appreciate that, and we will take you back. For a news update to the W B A P news room at the top of the hour. In the meantime, it is Friday and you're on the Rick Robert show, and I appreciate so much of being along 1 802 88 w B A P. 1 802 889227. I always try to get his many calls in as I possibly can. In the last hour, Patrick and Buoy Texas How you doing? Hello, Patrick. I'm here. Can you hear me? Yeah, I've got you now. Thank you. Yeah, well, thanks for having me own Rick. Been long time listener. I appreciate that. My concern is, uh, is if Trump does not win this in the court. It doesn't turn this around. No Libertarian party will no longer need the minorities. Black Americans, Hispanics don't mean any more free stuff. They will need their votes. Okay. I'm Patrick. Patrick Kind of lost me, He said the new Libertarian Party? Yes. Okay? Tell me what you're talking about. Well, if if if they did that they could all these votes counted illegal votes. They will not me the good the free stuff away to get more votes. Left with the gay community. They won't. They won't care what they think. Okay, tell me. Give me give me the upshot Here you're saying because they successfully used voter fraud, whether it was Dominion or Over voting or better than that, like curing, they'll just cheat in the election instead of asking for someone's vote. Well, they'll get what they could give from the boat from the voters. But they're going to Ah, print what they don't get What they need is going Prem up. If they can get away with it this time. I think it's a big test on there, see if they can push this group and if they can are a lot of historic change. I see what you're saying. Yeah, Patrick. Good call. I I appreciate that. I see what you're saying now. Yeah. If this sham of a new election is allowed to stand Uh, the no election. There is no election integrity any longer. All right, people want and I appreciate the call very much. People won't trust the vote. Um, they won't believe the vote, though. Just assume that there's going to be, uh, Ballot harvesting ballot curing over voting ballot manipulation on and on and on or not, You're right, Patrick Aziz and I thank you for the call. As uh, Uh, lost my train of thought Here is Louise Harrington said This is not so much about the outcome, but rather the integrity of the vote. Patrick. Thank you for the call. David Rockwall. Dave, how you doing? Just just fine record. I appreciate the opportunity. Torto talk with you, I think I think there's a much bigger issue, and it did plays off of Patrick's call. The this country is literally under attack. From within. And that is not. The goal is not to have elections. And the Remember when Barack Obama was running for president. At least twice In two separate occasions, he bemoaned the fact that there wasn't a civilian army. As well equipped and it's well financed, has the regulars here as a regular military? And Sudden we're dealing with black lives matter and and teeth up, both of whom have just literally torn sections of this country apart physically, and they've been descended by the Democrats. At least they haven't been Taken to task. By the Democrats. And now we've got this election, which So it is ludicrous to assume that Joe Biden could draw that kind of support. Uh, You know, you know that. You know, David is well as I do. He didn't He didn't draw that kind of absolutely but Between the media and the Democratic Party, and some of these other people were told that he did. And that's the final straw Once you want, you can come away. But that kind of Cheating. On election then just just I can't remember his name now, but just like you said, you know, the election is superfluous. He just You just declaring whose Yeah, well, you won't. You won't need to have elections because you won't have a choice any longer, Dave. Very good call. You know, you can't tell me a guy that supports everything that Biden does got that kind of response. You've heard about Joe Biden's plan on taxing It'll be a second Amendment tax. It could hit gun owners if you own a gun. He wants to attack you. Biden's plan is the second Amendment tax, It could be upwards of $34 billion in fees. And I'm gonna contact good friend of mine. David Prince. It owns Eagle gun range on one Monday or Tuesday. See what he's heard about this. You know, Joe Biden wants to hit gun owners with a Second Amendment tax. It could be upwards of $34 billion, But like every good Democrat if he says 34 billion, he probably means a trillion won 800 to 88 W B A P 1 800 to 88. 92 7. Let's go to Tom and Raoul. Let Tom how you doing? Just one ring. I just want to pick up on a commented several people of alluded to, um What you're a Democrat or a Republican or liberal or leftist or conservative or libertarian. Wherever you are on that spectrum, I just asked, like, ask you one question. Aren't you curious as to what happened? Who's late Tuesday night. November 3rd. Because something did happen. I believe I know what happened. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I know you've said before that you were only here. I was actually listening to you. This is about 11, 15 or so And you remember that Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Georgia. They just the voting starts up the vote. Tell you stopped, you stopped. And I don't recall even in 2016 that that happened stopped. Uh, So, um, you know, Sidney Powell has this Rudy Giuliani has this about You know what they believe happened? Happen to lay there, right? But I'll just ask the low information voter no matter where you are. What label you You Call yourself something happened here. And just ask yourself..

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