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The digits eight five five to six six fifty to eighty three to eighty three the family separation policy is soaring in some areas and it is completely tanking and others so now there is the concern about what because we live in the land of politics it is about the midterm elections but let's rewrite this equation so we've got five months before the midterm elections republicans are scrambling because they're getting some of them are getting massive calls of complaints about the administration's zero tolerance immigration policy which means kids go into care centers and their families are arrested at the border and the border with mexico so you've got these images of kids in cages at detention centers near the border that are being thrown up on the tube all day long and republicans are being pressured to come up with some kind of a stand on this controversial policy so this is one aspect of it while that's happening you have the administration saying that listen this is we said zero tolerance so if the parents are concerned about their kids they shouldn't be putting them in harm's way by breaking the law and coming across the border in mexico they could care less whether it's humane inhumane they just let their people they don't care they don't stop them it doesn't matter so how does this play and its it plays the way set a place in some areas if it's it's nobody wants to see it but this is the policy so we gotta have the policy by god that's it zero tolerance and others are fuming former first lady laura bush wrote that the family separation policies cruel it's immoral it's breaks her heart massachusetts governor charlie baker the most popular governor or one of them anyway revoked his offer to send national guard down there to help the southern border because the federal government's current actions are resulting in the inhumane treatment of kids he said screw it i'm not sending them down there democrats are all in on this they're drawing lots of attention to the family separation deal because they know it's the separator and of course they do this again it's politics that's why i started with politics whether republican or democrat so california senator kamala kamala harris called on the homeland security secretary to resign and she said we're following policy there was a poll out today this was the cnn poll that down at sixty seven percent of americans oppose the separation of children from their parents sixty eight of independent voters disapprove republicans fifty eight percent approve of the policy colorado congressman mike kaufman said in a statement that he wanted to help senator fines feinstein stop the feinstein stop the insanity and put an end to the human rights disaster at the border and he was willing to introduce legislation will he was willing to introduce the california democrats bill to do so in the house he just said this isn't who we are this is the worst moment in history and if we continue this support of this policy it'll be even worse some blame attorney general jeff sessions others the congress and i think we're just gonna keep talking about this this is the buzz in the land this is the buzz line i mean listen if we i love to use argument not argument but to make this point sinclair we're sitting in a bar you and i were having a virgin bloody mary we're having a good conversation someone comes up to a we're doing a poll how do you feel about kids being separated from their parents they're screaming they're two or three their fourth the border what do you think of it.

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