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Show on talk radio. 6 80 Wcbm. Welcome back to the program. So it is myself Tom Moore and Professor doctor Moronic who we're here, and we're taking your calls. And how about we go to mark in Baltimore with a question for Dr Moronic? Hey, Good evening, General. How y'all doing or Yeah. Oh, very good. You know, Frankly, I'm really getting card of hearing liars like Andy Harris, who should really be removed from Congress lying about this infiltration of those riders, those domestic terrorists they were all trump supporters. Everyone who has been popped so far gets a Wicca leave the wiggly space. Wikipedia page couldn't agree much Maura's far as that There's no evidence of and teeth of being involved. Understand? Congressman Harris has his views and those views there is alive. He knows better. Yeah, I know. I know. I said, Mark, you and I on the same page on that one as well. These pieces of garbage should be rejected. Now, Let's talk about the repudiation of Donald Trump by the American people. 81 Million American people, all right. I am sick to death of hearing about the 74 million. We crushed them. No. See, Now that's where you're not gonna even like Mark Griffin. Ah, lot of things Take all election. No, no. Yes, I agree with you. I mean, but the fact is the 71 million people that voted for Trump. I think something I saw a number recently like a third of them. Still believe that he wanted that They're buying into this quote unquote fraud stuff, but the other but they clearly they clearly do have their passionate. I understand that. Wait a minute. Wait that please, Tom. I don't give a damn about. They're brainwashed passions. All right. This is propaganda that garbage Now let me be very, very clear about this. Tom, listen to me very carefully. This election was won fairly and squarely agree used to recognize that I agree completely to be very carefully. Half of them are supportive of that. Infiltration into the capital. I don't think the numbers of that high look at all the polls since that 45% of them were supportive of Republicans were supportive of this. It's very sad. There's that base of support for Donald Trump that will believe anything that's out there, and we both agree with you on that mark. But the thing is serious. Joe Biden has a task and this is what I was referencing earlier in the monologue. The task is to stop the tribalism and find some common ground. The first thing Joe Biden ought to do. Other than some of the initiatives that Mitch McConnell agrees with. I think they've talked about clean coal, for example, he ought to say, I'm backing out of some of the tax plan. You know what it's like to reach out to reach out. To the Republicans. I want to back off some of my more extreme proposals, and I want to try to bring this country together. Dr. Marone. It doesn't agree with me is you heard, But I think you're right in this regard. I think we've got to have that melding. I think we've got to build more. Joe Manchin Democrats. I want more. I want the fairness doctrine reinstalled. Maybe I'm It's been a line contemptible garbage radio station. We can't. Unfortunately, Mark, we have to let you go on that we're proud to be on this station. We understand your views, but we can't We can't support that. But anyway for 10 wcbm sick 86 80. Let's take one more call before break. Alex in Baltimore Welcome the program. Yeah. You're talking about compromise and healing. And I just wanna like some stuff out to you know, just just 12 short years ago when Hillary Clinton Barack Obama were trying to outdo one another to say which one was Maura against gay marriage. Do you remember that? No, I don't remember that. I mean, they clearly there during the like during the election. They were they were saying, you know, we're both against it. And now, 12 years later, if you're not in favor of, you know if you have a problem with Children Irreversibly ruining their genders Before the age of 10. You're a horrible biggest, and you should be banned. And my point is this The left is offering a very different View of reality. We have nothing in common with you guys. I mean, you write it all summer burned down. I mean, what about the Portland Courthouse? My God, For like 100 days it was on fire, and then you know that that's that's actually That was the view that that Fox had someone watching Fox last night, and they basically said that the riot at the Capitol Was not as serious as the riots in Minnesota and Portland and places like that. But the difference is that one was a citadel of our of our democracy, which is the capital. And they're arguing about a president who incited riots, whereas the others where people who are fighting with black lives matter, so there were steps. They're all terrible anytime there's violence. It's terrible. And on that point, Alex wholeheartedly agree with you. Wait, Okay, but let's not just the vote. It's not just the potentially Fraudulent vote. This is the same Congress. You know that that's screwed. Trump supporters. We couldn't get eight billion for a wall and then they just spent. They just sent a trillion toe like Uganda or whatever. Okay, they couldn't give us 2000, but they got to spend all this money. So all these countries that made peace with Israel. I guess we're just paying them off. And, uh, they, you know, Barack Obama and Donald Trump both got elected on the promise of bringing the troops home, and they overrode Trump's veto to make it almost impossible for the commander in chief. Any commander Trump did not have did not have one will have one veto overturn and that was one that just happened, But that's an issue for another night. That's clearly the difference for another night. Gone. They deserve to be rushed. They deserve to live in fear. They screw us both sides. They deserve that. We appreciate the call. We sure do. Thanks, Alex. We got to take a break. Be right.

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